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4 Tips to Transition Workout Clothes from Summer to Fall

Transition your Workout Clothes from Summer to Fall


It’s that time of the year where summer is winding down for most, and it’s time to start looking forward to the upcoming seasonal change.  The mornings are starting to become cooler, yet the days are still hot and humid.  The changing of summer to fall does not necessarily correspond to sudden temperatures drops, and the weather can be unpredictable.  Just because summer is fading away doesn’t mean you have to give up your workout habits.  In fact, this transitional period of the year is a great time to get outdoors and revamp your routine when weather permits. However, your summer workout clothing might not always agree with this weather, that is why it is important to transition your workout wear from summer to fall.

Mixing up your workout is a great tactic to avoid letting your body adapt to an expected mode of exercise that causes a plateau.  With the unpredictable late summer/ early fall weather in mind, it’s important to be as prepared as possible and ready to go for a cold snap or when the days are still climbing too close to triple digits.  These four tips for transitioning your workout clothes to colder weather will make sure that no matter the temperature, you will be ready to hit the gym or dominate your workout!


1. Wear Leggings


This is an easy one since leggings have become an everyday wardrobe staple over the last few years.  But there is a good reason that you will want to keep your leggings handy this time of year.  A well-fitted pair of leggings allows you extra warmth vs. shorts on cooler mornings, yet are light enough to keep you cool and dry on hot days. Choosing a pair in a crop length like the Muddy Girl® Camo Leggings or Muddy Girl® Serenity Leggings is a great all around fit that offers enough coverage for chillier conditions and a little less coverage for when it’s warm.




Leggings can also provide a barrier between pesky afternoon bugs when choosing an outdoor workout.  As well as keeping you comfortable in the gym where they typically blast the A/C.


2. Prepare For Unexpected Weather


With the changing seasons comes plenty of rapidly changing weather conditions.  One minute it could be sunny and warm, then a cool front blows in and brings the rain.  That’s why having a light weight windbreaker jacket can make the difference in completing your workout, or calling it quits.  Pick a light jacket that is also breathable, like the Muddy Girl Serenity Windbreaker Jacket.  This one features sealed zippers, drawstring hood, and side zipper pockets to keep the elements out and keep you warm and dry.  If you’re in the mood for something lighter, the Muddy Girl® Track Hoodie is a great fit for a quick run or workout in brisk weather.



Keep a windbreaker close for those chilly summer nights and crisp fall mornings.  It will perfect to grab and go and throw on top of your outfit any day.


3.  Wear a Breathable Tank


Tank tops are a given in the summertime when the sun is out and you’re trying to beat the heat.  But don’t put all of your tanks up yet just because fall is around the corner.  This time of year is all about layering to be able to work with the changing temps.  Wearing a well-made breathable tank under a light weight windbreaker or sweatshirt will have you ready to shed layers and be comfortable if the temps start to rise. Wearing a tank top with a little more coverage like the Muddy Girl Full Camo Tank Top gives you the best of having a full range of arm motion while keeping you comfortably covered.  The stretchy fabric is great for any activity from lifting weights in the gym to playing volleyball with friends.



4.  Wear Visible Colors Outdoors


Naturally, when working out when it is cooler in early morning and evening makes the most sense when outdoors.  This is also one of the most dangerous times to be outdoors, especially for runners and bikers sharing the road with drivers.  In order to increase your visibility to drivers, always remember to wear bright colors and reflective gear. Try avoiding dark hues such as black, navy, brown, and gray.  Instead, this is a great opportunity to wear fun colors that beg to be seen, such as the turquoise and blue tones of the Muddy Girl® Serenity pattern, or blaze pink hue of the Muddy Girl® pattern.



Adding these workout clothes into your athletic wear collection is a great way to add some personality and show your lifestyle camo off while you work out!

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