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Women in the Outdoors | Camo Clothing for Women

Camo for Women | Women’s Outdoor, Hunting, and Muddin Clothing

Women everywhere are showing their pride in the outdoors. History has shown that the number of women involved in hunting today has skyrocketed! Now a days there are more women climbing into tree stands, yelping in the turkey woods, and wading to the duck blinds than ever before, but it’s not just hunting! The outdoors in general has received an influx of female enthusiasts! Everything from fishing to mudding, hiking to climbing, women are invading the outdoors. Men move aside, it’s time to make room for the Women!

The outdoors today has a need to bend towards the female hunter, in all respects… from TV shows, outdoor accessories, and gear…to full product lines and clothing. Yes, Clothing! You walk into any outdoor store today and women have a hunting clothing section, but take a closer look. It’s the same Camo put on smaller sizes or a more slim fit. No More! All in the past have missed the mark. Women need hunting clothing for this rugged sport that can fit the bill in the field, but still allow for feminine expressions. This calls not for the same camo, but camo for women! Why Camo? It doesn’t have the feel of women hunting apparel if it’s the same camo. Everything needs to be changed because women need to accessorize! With a clothing and a camo line for women, you now have a pattern that can be put on anything and everything. This means not only shirts and pants, but also guns and bows! A camo pattern that is usable in the field or anywhere else because it shows pride and passion for the outdoors, in a female manner. Today’s women in the outdoors need the Muddy Girl Design.


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