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Water Camo for your Fishing, Bowfishing, and Froggin’ Lifestyle

Summertime is fast approaching and that means one thing for serious outdoorsmen and women…it’s time to dust off those rods and bowfishing bows that have been tucked away throughout the winter and head to the water.  Fishing, bowfishing, and frogging in the summertime offers outdoor enthusiasts a perfect opportunity to get on the water and go after their favorite fish species, or hone their stealth abilities sneaking up on an unsuspecting bull frog.  Even better, it’s a perfect time to upgrade your equipment with a fishing camo and water camo pattern that shows your diehard passion for the outdoors.

Unlike traditional hunting where blending in is key, these aquatic outdoor pastimes allow an opportunity to express yourself with color beyond the standard brown, green, and tans of regular camo.  The bright marine blue Undertow™ water camo and the new Muddy Girl® Serenity Camo with turquoise and copper tones are excellent fishing camo patterns and water camo patterns to make a statement and be noticed.

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About Moon Shine Camo Serenity Pattern







Whether you’re a laid back angler, fast paced bowfisher, frog grabber, or all three, there is a Moon Shine Camo® pattern to take your fishing camo clothing and equipment to the next level.


A love for fishing is almost universal.  The great thing about fishing is that almost anywhere in the country you are not far from a water source where you can drop a line, relax, and wait for dinner to bite.  Waiting for walleyes under frozen lakes in the north, to chasing drum in the southern marsh, there is never a shortage of opportunity to take advantage of the fishing across every state.

While most anglers prefer heading out to water by boat, the great thing about fishing is that as long as you have water, a pole, and some bait, you’re in business.  Another appealing plus many enjoy about fishing is that unlike most hunting, noise is not typically a factor in a successful day outdoors.  The social aspect of spending time with friends or family enjoying some good music and wetting a line is what makes fishing so perfect for summer time.


When out on the water it can get hot sitting under the sun all day.  When the biting is good you don’t want to have to call it quits because you can’t take the heat, but you also don’t want to be left with a nasty sunburn.  Preparing for this ahead of time can save you a major headache later on when you’ve made it out to your favorite fishing spot.  Sunblock, camo sunglasses, and a cooler wrapped in your favorite fishing camo filled with cold water and other beverages are essentials you’ll want to bring along.   You can also show off your favorite fishing camo and beat the heat by wearing your Undertow™ Camo long sleeve over Undertow™ Camo or Muddy Girl® Serenity camo swimwear.


Bowfishing is a rapidly expanding summertime activity enjoyed by hunters and fishermen and women alike.  No matter if you’re a waterfowl hunter, rifleman, bowhunter, or angler, bowfishing is an adrenaline inducing way to spend your day (or night) on the water. Combining rapid paced shots and the wide availability of species to shoot, bowfishing is growing immensely popular with hard core bowhunters as well as water lovers of all shooting levels.  For most bowfishers there are two bow options- you can rig up a regular hunting compound bow with a reel setup and call it a day, or purchase a bow designed exclusively for bowfishing use.

But do you have to be a true bowhunter to bowfish?  The answer is no, it isn’t vital to have a decked out airboat with wrap around LED lights to enjoy the sport.  All you really need to get started is the right bow and reel set up and a fishing license in most states.

Speaking of fishing license, it is important to know what species of fish are legally permissible to take while bowfishing.  For example, shooting redfish with a bow is legal in Louisiana but illegal in all other states.  One great fish to start with is also the most popular target for bowfishers – the carp.  This invasive fish can be found all over the country in ponds, lakes, and rivers.   While most people consider the carp to be a “trash fish”, some cultures consider the carp a delicacy.

It’s also important to consider dressing light and comfortable since bowfishing is not a passive sport, you will most likely be moving and shooting for hours at a time. The goal is to beat the heat, but also look good in your bowfishing camo which is where Undertow Camo athletic attire comes into play.  If day time bowfishing is more your style, you can be lethal with a bow and be ready to get wet with Undertow Camo® swimwear for men and camo bikinis for women.

The great thing about bowfishing is you shouldn’t expect to get bored shooting the same thing summer after summer since there are numerous opportunities to take aim at more common species such as carp and gar, but you can also go after the more elusive game species like stingrays, redfish, and sharks.

Another way to keep things interesting is to customize your equipment with bowfishing camo that shows you mean business and want to stand apart from basic camo patterns that are offered over and over again.  Moon Shine Camo is the answer for those serious about the bowfishing lifestyle and want a unique aquatic look to show off.   Whether you want to stand out at a tournament in your bowfishing camo wrapped boat or want to make sure your bowfishing bow is easily recognizable, hydrographic customization is your solution!  Adding bowfishing camo patterns like Undertow™ water camo and Muddy Girl® Serenity Camo will take your bowfishing gear to new levels.


Frogging (frog gigging, frog grabbing, frog hunting, or froggin’ if you’re from the south) is one of those special pursuits enjoyed best on a warm summer night on the water.  The art (using that word loosely) of taking the American bullfrog can vary from the use of a pronged frog gig, a long net, or just grabbing them by hand.  The only thing you really need is a good light source such as a q-beam or head lamp.

Photo: www.nationalgeographic.com

To catch a bullfrog, you will want to shine your light in the frog’s eyes so it won’t see you closing in.  Be careful not to move the light and keep it steady or he may get jumpy and take off.  Once you catch your frog you’ll want to place him in a basket or ice chest until you’re ready to clean them to eat.  Bullfrog legs make a fine meal when fried, but there are numerous ways to prepare them.

The popularity of frogging is in many ways due to the abundance of bullfrogs that can populate a river or pond bank, and it’s another excellent summertime activity where outdoorsmen and women can get together and jump in their boat for a night of fun.  It is also a great way to get the younger generation or people new to hunting and fishing into an outdoor lifestyle.

Because frogging is done on the water in swampy or marshy areas in the heat of the night you will want to wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet and possibly slimy.  Not only do you want to be prepared to get wet, you need to have a level of stealth and steadiness when sneaking up on the bull frogs.  What better way to feel prepared than sporting your favorite fishing camo pattern in Undertow Camo® or Muddy Girl Serenity Camo on your covert frogging mission.  With camo swimwear available in these fishing camo patterns you can go from bowfishing during the day to frogging at night with no change in between.

Summer Splashes and Night-time Catches

No matter if you’re a fishing addict ready to see that fish splash like crazy when it hits your bait or wanting to try your hand at frogging for the first time, the summer means longer days and plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy your outdoor lifestyle.

Everything including your fishing rod, boat, ice chest, and truck can be wrapped or dipped with these camo patterns by Moon Shine Camo.  Never mix up your bowfishing bow with your buddies again, or even surprise a special someone by customizing their outdoor equipment with a camo pattern that shows their outdoor lifestyle off.

From camo bikinis to camo boat wraps in Undertow Camo, looking good on the water will be a breeze this summer.


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