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There’s Still Time for These Summer Outdoor Activities

Channel Your Inner Kid with Summer Outdoor Activities

Remember how summer used to seem like an eternity as a kid? With seemingly endless summer outdoor activities, we were able to stay occupied all day every day until the first school bell shockingly rang again in the fall. But as you grow up, time seems to move faster and faster, making our beloved summers shorter and shorter. Work, errands, and life in general all seem to distract us from those fun things we enjoyed. Before we know it, the long hot days of summer will be fading into fall weather again. Not that we’re complaining about that. But we can’t let it slip away without sneaking in just a few more summer outdoor activities.

Summer Outdoor Activities You Crave 

If you’re looking for a summer outdoor activities, get a pen and paper ready to take notes. We’re going to list some seriously fun things to do this summer, whether you are looking for big outdoor group activities or a solo adventure. Granted, you can still do some of these things at other times throughout the year. But most of them are more enjoyable with the help of some intense July sunlight, a hot day, and the youthful promise you once grabbed onto as a kid. If you have kids, it’s maybe a little easier to rekindle that fire because you get to watch them go through it all and experience it again with them. But even if you don’t, here are some fun summer outdoor activities that you can enjoy with the time we’ve got left.

#1: Fishing

summer outdoor activities | Moon Shine CamoAs we mentioned, you can go fishing year-round. But there’s something about floating around in a boat in shorts or casting off the dock that’s still just a little more enticing for most people. This is why it is one of the first summer outdoor activities we mention. Maybe it brings back fun childhood memories of fishing for sunnies. It’s also one of those fun things to do outside by yourself, but the right company is always welcome. Depending on where you live and fish, you can target so many different species of fresh- and saltwater fish, from walleye up north, largemouth bass down south, tuna out east, or salmon in the west.

While it’s always fun to fish for the old standby species you’re used to, take time yet this summer to explore a couple different species that you haven’t fished for before. It will make for an exciting fishing trip and challenge you to grow as an angler. For a few examples, if you’ve never gone bowfishing before, see if you know anyone who would let you tag along to try it out. If you don’t have the equipment and boat to try fishing on a large waterbody, consider taking a charter service. If you primarily fish the same lake down the road, try moving to a river nearby to try some different techniques and catch different fish. You never know. You could find your new favorite hobby among summer outdoor activities.

#2: Swimming, Boating, or Tubing

summer outdoor activities | Moon Shine CamoIf you’re not feeling particularly excited about fishing, you can always just go swimming or boating to enjoy the scenery too. Motorboats are nice for covering a lot of distance, and are certainly needed if you plan on water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing behind them. A pontoon ride is great for groups, since you and several friends can bring some food and drink along and slowly cruise a lake or river. But for smaller waterbodies or for a quieter experience, slowly paddling along in a canoe or kayak is usually the best way to see wildlife. Paddleboards are another popular option these days to explore short distances in calm conditions.

There’s no better time to enjoy a swim than when the sun is shining and the mercury is climbing. While the weather’s still hot, one of the most fun outdoor activities for adults is go explore some new lakes or rivers near you to relax in the water. Moon Shine Camo® has camo swimwear that’s perfect for the outdoor enthusiast, since it allows you to sport your favorite camouflage pattern while relaxing outside. The Undertow® Camo pattern is a bold and obviously cool choice for water sports! Gather some friends up to lazily float down a river on inner tubes. Don’t forget the sun screen, sunglasses, and a few beverages and food in a floating cooler too (if legal where you are). Some rivers have a service that will drive you upriver where you will launch, and then you can meet up with them downriver to retrieve your vehicle several hours later. This is a really fun way to recharge and it’s one of the best things to do this summer for adults who want to let loose.

#3: Sports and Fitness

If you like to work on your physical fitness, summer is the perfect time to get friends together for a quick sports game or go for a jog. Moon Shine Camo® has a great line of sportswear and active outdoor clothing for both men and women. These outdoor clothing materials focus on quick-drying and moisture-wicking polyester, which helps you to wick sweat and feel cooler while working out or just being active on a hot day.

Sports games are fun activities for adults since they give us a chance to stay active and act like a kid. Having someone to work out with is good for accountability when you’re not quite feeling like it. And by sneaking a workout in during a quick game of basketball, baseball, or even Ultimate Frisbee, you don’t realize you’re even working out with all the fun you’re having. Heck, go for a game of golf and skip the cart to put some miles on your shoes if nothing else. Enjoy your time out on the green grass or running along trails while you can, since it won’t last once summer comes to a close.

#4: Fun Backyard Summer Outdoor Activities

Related to #4, you can have a tremendously good time with friends in your own backyard. For example, invite your neighbors over for a neighborhood barbecue. This will help you get to know them better and it is a very friendly gesture they won’t forget. If you don’t really have any neighbors, invite family and friends over one weekend instead. You can either offer to grill the food they bring, or all pool money together to cook a larger meal.

Make sure to include plenty of adult outdoor game ideas to keep people busy while the food is cooking and the guests enjoy their beverages. If the neighbor’s children come with, it’s nice to keep outdoor games for kids available too. There are tons of fun games to play outside, especially if you’re creative. Some cheap fun outdoor games include bags, ladder golf, ring tosses, or lawn-size dice games You can make many of these summer yard games for families yourself. For the dice, as an example, grab a 4×4 or 6×6 post and cut off five 4- or 6-inch segments, respectively. Sand all of the corners and edges down until they are smooth. At this point, you can simply paint each cube to look like a dice block. But if you want to get really fancy, use a paddle drill with a pilot hole to drill the correct number of dots onto each side of the dice. Then carefully paint the inside of the dots with black paint to make it stand out. Finally, heavily varnish the outside of the block to seal it off from moisture and stains. Then toss them all into a five gallon bucket and start playing whatever popular dice game you want on a bigger scale than you’ve ever done before. These are great diy activities for adults who want to make an impression with their neighbors.

#5: Camping

summer outdoor activities | Moon Shine Camo

Summer camping is great for destination trips or backyard family activities. Road trips to big national parks around the country like Yosemite, Isle Royale, or the Great Smoky Mountains create lasting memories. Plan out all of your equipment and outdoor clothing in great detail since it can be hard to find replacements on the road. While you’re outdoors, try to do a couple nature activities for kids to keep them entertained and help them learn about the wild. If you have kids who are out of school for the summer, there’s no better time to do this. As they get older, they may not have the time or interest in going, so schedule a trip when they’re young. It does take a bit of planning, but it is worth the time and effort they take to pull off.

But even if you don’t feel like you have the time to squeeze one in yet this summer, your kids would love backyard camping almost as much. It’s the fun they have with you that make memories, not necessarily the destinations. So keep it fun and really pull out all the stops. Turn off all the lights in the house so it’s as dark as possible out. Roast marshmallows over the bonfire to make s’mores, stay up late stargazing, catch fireflies, and enjoy your time together. The nice thing about this approach is that you can avoid the usual pitfalls of camping in remote areas. In other words, if it storms, you can run back into the house.

#6: Off-Roading

If you’re lucky enough to own an ATV or dirt bike and have easy access to a good trail network, off-roading and trail-riding are exhilarating outdoor activities for teens or adults alike. Take some time and explore some new sections of the woods you may have never seen before. Grab a map and see where the trail takes you. Use your trips for some informal scouting time for hunting season or simply as an excuse to get your outdoor clothing covered in mud! Just be sure to follow all local laws and safety regulations, and always wear a helmet and a pair of riding gloves. If you’ll be going on an epic trip, bring along some basic tools and maybe even some additional gas. You never know how far the trail may take you.

Still Time for Summer Outdoor Activities 

As we mentioned, time moves pretty fast these days. Soon we’ll be cheering the arrival of colorful leaves and cooler weather (admit it, you will be). But before that happens, try to squeeze in a couple more of these fun summer activities for adults. Or for those adults who want to be a kid at heart.

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