Blaze Pink Now Legal for Deer Hunting in One State!

Pink Camouflage | Wisconsin’s Hunter Orange Safety Rule Now Includes Pink!

According to an article, Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill allowing hunters to wear fluorescent pink instead of the traditional blaze orange. This bill will allow the traditional blaze orange required for clothing above the waste to now be swapped out for florescent pink if desired.

The premise behind this bill?

To get the already rising number of women who participate in their states firearms deer season to increase. Will it work, what do you think?

The rising number of women in the outdoors, and more particularly hunting, has given rise to a substantial increase in the praise of pink camouflage. So much so that one state has officially given the “OK” to hunting in it.

Womens Pink Hoodie | Muddy Girl Camo

Women's Pink Camo Hoodie | Muddy Girl Camo


Sure a woman that hunts is every guys dream, but they were restricted to looking just like every other hunter. New outdoor clothing for women has done a great job at giving women what they needed, functional outdoor clothing but flattering at the same time. But it was much more than looks. This bill and pink camouflage clothing is giving hunting a feminine side. And it makes sense! There was a limit to when and where they could wear this clothing. While there are a ton of normal camo lines out there for women, state safety regulations limited women to the same boring and not so hot, traditional blaze orange cap. This hindered a female hunter to make her mark in the outdoor and hunting world.

Let’s face it, we have all heard it said at one point or another. Some female hunters have commented that the sport and passion of hunting is “sexist”. Yet others realize the traditions and importance of the blaze orange. Now new headway into deer vision and human safety has shown that fluorescent pink can be just as effective at hiding the hunters from deer, yet keep them safe and noticeable to other hunters. Once again this bill will make headway and pave the way for a new look and aspect of deer hunting across the nation.

As women in the outdoors becomes more common, outdoor clothing and related legislation will also become more common. Pink camouflage is not just a typical camo clothing color option anymore, it’s a lifestyle camo that is taking off in the world of the outdoors!

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