Camo Swimwear | Why Women Want More than Just Pink Camo Bikinis

Why Women Are Asking For More Than Just Pink Camo Bikinis from Camo Swimwear

While the idea of a camo bikini or camo swimsuit sounds like a great idea to purchase right before spring and summer arrive, you might be left in the dark as far as what to buy! Let’s be honest, a pink camo bikini isn’t for everyone. We are asking the question…”why and what do women want, other than just the pink camo bikini when looking for camo swimwear?”

What Kind of Camo Swimwear?

When you type in “camo swimwear” in a search, what are you looking for? In some women’s minds they might be explicitly searching for army type camo bikinis or army type camo swimwear. Most times however these searches are for more prominently liked camo that fit more with the outdoors and the “hunting camo” swimwear mindset. When looking for that type of swimwear and swimsuits, more often than not they are looking beyond the normal hunting camouflage pattern, for something more unique. The only thing available to them however is seemingly endless amounts of the same pink hunting camo.

What is more unique than going out to your local swimming hole than a camo swimsuit? What exactly is more unique than the normal hunting camo swimwear? To answer this best you have to ask yourself, “Why am I looking for camo swimwear?” It is darn sure not to “blend in” or go hunting, it’s a lifestyle and personal statement, like most of the clothes we wear. For camo swimwear you need a Lifestyle Camo ™, not a regular hunting camo pattern. And we can also tell you that your camo bikini or swimsuit should go beyond the normal “pink camo bikini”!

Are Pink Camo Bikinis Really That Bad?

Absolutely not, this is exactly what some women are looking for! Vibrant bright pink camo to express their feminine side, place, and growing dominion in the hunting and outdoor community. The first question you should ask yourself when you are looking for a pink camo bikini is, “Do I want regular hunting camo, just in pink?” Chances are you don’t.One of the biggest growing brands for pink camo, specifically for women wanting to express their outdoor lifestyle, is Muddy Girl® Camo.

Pink camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine Camo

This camouflage goes far beyond the single shade of pink that is commonly seen with most lady’s patterns. Many vivid shades of both pink and purple are combined with bold neutral colors, to create a sharp camouflage that has eye appeal to anyone who has a love for the outdoors.


Pink camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoIt offers something unique to women wishing to express the camo and outdoors lifestyle, so much more than just that same old camo pattern…just in pink. This again is unique and already desired by many who have been exposed to it. Going beyond just regular lifestyle clothing and country clothing, Muddy Girl® Camouflage is also available for pink camo swimwear and pink camo bikinis.

This is just one of the many options for pink camo swimwear, again, if you are looking for that. If you want to see more options check out more at our Shop. For those of you who are looking for more than pink camo for your camo swimwear this summer, there are more options that are different and extremely unique check out the camo patterns and pieces below.

Going Beyond Pink Camo Bikinis For Women

Muddy Girl® Camo gave women a camo pattern unique to them, but then again it still only gave the same option…pink camo. This is not solving the issue of giving women what they are truly searching for, a vast array of options when it comes to camo swimwear. Knowing women search for more than the plain old hunting camouflage slathered in pink given as the only option for camouflage women’s swimsuits, we realized the importance of giving many options. Pink camouflage just doesn’t fit all lifestyle expressions that you might desire. If you perhaps are searching for camo swimwear, but want to steer way from pink camo swimwear check out the camo patterns below.

Blue camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoBlue Camo Swimwear

You’re looking for camo swimwear right now because it is or is going to be summer, and you will be around and in water. Blue camo patterns are extremely popular in bowfishing and fishing enthusiasts, but they also provide a great option for women’s camo swimwear! Undertow® Camo bikini’s and swimwear give you an aquatic water sport type of lifestyle statement. If you are looking for a truly unique blue camo bikini or blue camo swimsuit, we have them available.

Green camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoGreen Camo Swimwear

Other than pink camo, green camo swimwear is the most common color of swimwear you will come across. However, what you will normally find is not distinctive by any means. Again this goes back to the lack of options, it will either be a plain old hunting pattern or the army green pattern that is way to over used. While you might not specifically want a green camo bikini, you might reconsider once you are exposed to Toxic® Camo. Check out our latest Toxic® Camo swimwear.

Orange camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoOrange Camo Swimwear

Orange Camo, besides when someone is hunting, is not a normal or common pattern you will see on women’s swimwear. If you do happen to come across it, it’s not what you would expect or want to wear. With that being said, a different type, again matchless camo pattern we have developed stamps your outdoor lifestyle into your swimwear. Wildfire® Camo is a vibrant and literally hot camo pattern that is truly one of a kind when it comes to an orange camo bikini and swimwear!

When and if you are searching for camo swimwear and camo bikinis, you are most likely considering something beyond the normal hunting camouflage pattern.  You might even be tired of scrolling and shopping the same hunting patterns just coated in pink, over and over again. Let’s be honest, a pink camo bikini isn’t for everyone. We are answering the question to why and what women want in camo swimwear!

Pink Camouflage | Top 10 things to Wear, Dip, Drape, and Wrap in Pink Camo

The Pink Camouflage Guide | Pink Camouflage Clothing, Products, and Customization

Pink camouflage is on the rise! Whether its pink camo boots, trucks, four-wheelers, guns, clothing, or purses, more girls and women around the nation are calling for anything and everything in pink camo. Why? To tell a story, stand out, and show off! If you are in any way a part of this rise or just simply enjoy the outdoors and the country lifestyle, then chances are you are looking to show it. The Muddy Girl pink camouflage pattern is what you need and want.

Why is this craving for pink on the rise? Pink camouflage clothing and accessories have always been popular among female outdoor and country enthusiasts, but in the most recent news, Wisconsin just passed a bill allowing hunters to wear blaze pink while taking part in the deer firearms season. This is big news to anyone and everyone that loves pink camo. Before, hunting camo was restricted to blaze orange, not allowing for personalization or customization, especially for the female hunter. But now with pink now available for hunters, pink camo is rising in the ranks fast as not only a lifestyle camo pattern but an essential camo pattern for the outdoors. With this on the rise, more and more women are looking to start their pink camo obsession collection. Here are the top 10 things dipped, wrapped, draped, and made in pink camo!

Pink Camouflage Clothing

Let’s cover the basics first. If you are just now looking into spicing up your wardrobe or just starting your pink camouflage collection, start off with a few articles of clothing. What are you looking for? A pink camo shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, or looking for something more personal? Whatever it might be Moon Shine Camo has all the basics covered…whatever it might be that you are looking for to start your obsession.

Pink Camouflage Hoodie | Moon Shine Camo

Pink Camouflage Swimwear | Moon Shine Camo

Pink Camouflage Shirt | Moon Shine Camo

Pink Camouflage Lingerie | Moon Shine Camo 

When starting out your assortment, think head-to-toe and for different seasons. Spring is just around the corner, while a pink camouflage hoodie might be desired now, a shirt or pink camouflage bathing suit might be needed in just a couple months. Keep this in mind when you are making your decisions.

Pink Camouflage Boots

Again thinking ahead and thinking of expression head-to-toe, pink camouflage boots might be next on your list. With spring and summer just around the corner, warm weather fun and routines are about to begin. Fishing, riding, hiking, camping, and bonfires are about to commence! Getting the right footwear for these occasions might be a good idea.

Pink Camouflage Boots | Moon Shine Camo

Pink Camouflage Purses

The next on the pink camouflage list would have to be accessories and yes, you guessed it, a Muddy Girl purse! While your favorite purse style or look may come and go, when it comes to showing off your obsession and passion you can’t help but think of functionality. There are many pink camouflage purses out there, but think about other things you might not have considered. For instance, this Muddy Girl pink camo purse is designed for everything you normally carry, plus a personal protection concealed carry firearm compartment.

Pink Camouflage Clothing for Kids

Now that you have your obsession and passion evident in your wardrobe, it might be time to pass it on down to the children. Are you looking for pink camouflage clothing for kids? We have an assortment of pink camo and other patterned camouflage youth t-shirts and hoodies.

Kids Pink Camouflage Clothing | Moon Shine Camo

Kids Pink Camouflage | Moon Shine Camo

Kids Pink Camouflage | Moon Shine Camo

Pink Camouflage Bedding

Speaking of the kids, are you looking for a new bedroom suite? How about pink camouflage bedding to go with their new clothes?

Pink Camouflage Bedding | Moon Shine Camo

Pink Camouflage Bedding | Moon Shine Camo



Pink Camouflage Wedding

If you wish to plaster your special day in pink camo, we have got just the thing to make your dreams come true. From the wedding dress to the decorations, you can create an entire wedding in pink camouflage.

Lucky for you Muddy Girl fabric is currently on sale until 4/30/2016.

Pink Camouflage Wedding Dress | Moon Shine Camo

Pink Camouflage Wedding | Moon Shine Camo

Pink Camouflage Pistol

When it comes to personal protection and shooting, some women prefer the standard blued, black, or stainless finishes on their pistols. Yet other women look for pistol finishes with a little more style and customization. There are a variety of personal protection and concealed carry pistol options that are available in the pink camouflage Muddy Girl finish.

Pink Camouflage Rifle

Just as the pink camo option is available in pistols, you can customize your favorite rifle in the Muddy Girl pattern. Whether you are deer hunting, big game hunting, small game hunting, or at the range you can shoot your favorite customized pink camouflage rifle. The process is called hydrographics, check out the video and the link below to find out more!

Dip it In Camo

Pink Camouflage Gun Cases

Now you can store that Muddy Girl camo rifle or pistol in a customized case! For the pistol just a simple pistol case will do, and many are available. For the rifle, both a hard gun case and soft gun case are available. If you have a favorite gun case that you would like to customize with pink camouflage, you have the option to dip it.

Pink Camouflage Truck and Accessories

Ok imagine if you will, that you have literally bought and customized everything above in pink camouflage. You have pink camo clothing, boots, kids clothing, bedding, a pink camo purse, rifle, pistol, and case, so ask yourself what is missing? Something that ties it all together…a pink camouflage truck!

Pink Camouflage Truck | Moon Shine Camo

Upgrade your vehicle past a normal paint job, giving it a whole new attitude. Vinyl wrapping your vehicle in camouflage is making a bold statement. Don’t forget about the interior, Muddy Girl pink camouflage seat covers are also available.

Whether you are looking for pink camouflage clothing or a pink camo gun, Moon Shine Camo provides the Muddy Girl Camo pattern and many ways to plaster the pattern on anything and everything you could possibly want.

What your Valentine Really Wants | 7 Gift Ideas for Outdoorsmen and Women

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Outdoorsmen and Women

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Are you prepared? Guys and gals alike are rushing in attempt to get something for their sweet heart. This year be prepared and order something that will really make your Muddy Girl or Moon Shine guy really happy!

The Outdoorsmen Shopping for their Muddy Girl

The emphasis is put on the ladies during Valentine’s Day. You’re in big trouble if you’re not prepared. Luckily for you we have made this easy. We have several items and packages specifically for your Muddy Girl.

If shopping for country girl Valentine’s Day gifts, your girl has country in her heart and you cannot go wrong with the latest outdoor clothing items and accessories coated in pink camouflage. From pink camo hoodies, to pink camouflage guns we have it all.

Valentine Package 1 | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Valentine Package Deal -01This package features the best of both worlds, a Muddy Girl Camo white long sleeved shirt for milder winter days and spring, and a Muddy Girl Camo black zipper hoody for those cold brisk days out.

Valentine Package 2 | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Valentine Package deal- 02This package features a Muddy Girl Camo purple logo hoodie and a solid and vibrant Muddy Girl Camo hat.

Women's Pink Camo Hoodie | Muddy Girl Camo

  1. Muddy Girl Camo | Women’s Pink Camo HoodieThis one is for the girl that loves to be decked out in pink camouflage.

coat it in camp | Muddy Girl Camo

  1. Muddy Girl Camo PistolFor the real outdoor or shooting enthusiast a perfect Valentine’s Day gift is coating their personal protection handgun in pink camouflage. With the right attire and camo coated gun, your girl will stand out the next time you hit the range.

Pink Camo Tote Bag | Muddy Girl Camo

  1. Muddy Girl Camo | Pink Camo Tote BagSpring and summer are on their way, this tote bag will help out on and off the beach and at the same time expressing her passion in the vibrant pink camouflage Muddy Girl Camo.

Muddy Girl Camo | Women's Pink Camo Vest

  1. Muddy Girl Camo | Women’s Pink Camo VestNot a hoodie type of girl? No worries, we offer a Muddy Girl Camo vest for those types. Its lightweight, offers warmth and neck protection in the cold, but offers a lighter wear for spring.

Muddy Girl Camo | Women's Pink Camouflage Soft Shell Jacket

  1. Muddy Girl Camo | Women’s Pink Camouflage Soft Shell JacketThe other option for girl that favors a jacket other than a hoodie is this Pink Camouflage soft shell jacket.

The Muddy Girl shopping for their Outdoorsmen

The emphasis is put on the ladies during Valentine’s Day, we all know it, but ladies the guys feel appreciated if the kindness is shared. Unfortunately guys are hard to shop for sometimes, fortunately for you we have readily prepared some great ideas for any outdoorsmen.

Valentine's Package Deal 03 | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Valentine Package Deal -03This Valentine’s Day special package includes a Wildfire Camo black vest, Wildfire Camo black long sleeved shirt, and a Wildfire Camo distressed hat.

Valentine's Package Deal 04 | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Valentine Package Deal -04– If he prefers a more subtle camo pattern the Harvest Moon package includes, Harvest Moon Camo fleece quarter zip, Harvest Moon Camo black long sleeve shirt, and Moon Shine Camo bone collection hat.

wrapping his turck or jeep | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Wrapping His Truck or JeepOne thing is certain for an outdoorsmen, they love their truck or jeep, no not as much as you, but it is close… Wrap it in his favorite Moon Shine Camo pattern for Valentine’s Day this year.

Coating his Gun | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Coating His Gunnext to you and his truck, his gun is beloved. Again you can coat his favorite firearm in Moon Shine Camo. There is also various types of Moon Shine Camo gun cases

Harvest Moon Camo | Men's Harvest Moon Camo Hoodie

  1. Harvest Moon Camo | Men’s Harvest Moon Camo Hoodievery different from your typical camo pattern, this Harvest Moon Camo hoodie keeps in the warmth but shines style. 

Undertow Camo | Men's Undertow Camo Hoodie

  1. Undertow Camo | Men’s Undertow Camo HoodieWith spring coming around the bend, your outdoorsmen will be begging to hit the water. Set him up with this Undertow hoodie before the fish start biting. 

Muddy Girl Baby Doll Set

  1. Lingerie For You…But For Himwant to knock him dead this Valentine’s Day? This Muddy Girl Camo Baby Doll set will do just that!

Whether you’re shopping for the outdoorsmen or women we have what you are looking for. These 7 Valentine’s Day gifts for outdoorsmen and women are perfect for him and her.