Get Your Truck Moon Shine Ready for Hunting Season

Wrap Your Gear in Moon Shine Camo

When preparing for a hunt, we often try to conceal everything we have. Camo clothing, backpacks, blinds, and guns; if it can be camouflaged, it will be camouflaged. However, very few people fully camouflage their truck or SUV. Perhaps it’s because we would only use it for hunting seasons a few months out of the year, and they don’t want a fully camouflaged vehicle for all that time.

With Moon Shine Camo’s vinyl truck wraps, however, you can create a customized lifestyle camo vehicle that suits your tastes and will make an impression the other 9 to 10 months on the calendar. You’ll be able to express your passion for the outdoors and still represent your other interests at the same time.

Vinyl truck wraps come in any of the different camo colors and patterns that Moon Shine offers to match your preferences. From Harvest Moon, Muddy Girl, Outshine, Toxic, Undertow, or Wildfire, you’ll find something that will match your personality and will be equally at home in the outdoors as in town.

Wrap Your Gear in Moon Shine Camo

They are available in several sizes (from small to large vehicles), and you can even choose to install a full wrap or just the accents. Plus, Moon Shine Camo vinyl wraps are either permanent or removable in the (unlikely) event your tastes change and you want another color. Priced very moderately when considering a new vehicle, this could be what you’re looking for if you’ve been toying around with a new look.

Coat Your Hunting Gun in Moon Shine CamoYou can find a location to install your truck wrap for you here. While you’re there, check out the options to wrap your ATV or coat your hunting gun in your favorite camo pattern. Rifle vinyl skins also come in five different pre-cut pieces to fit any rifle, and are waterproof and non-reflective.

Once you have those items covered, all you’ll have left to do is make the time to get out in the woods!