3 Hunting Situations Wearing Lifestyle Camo™ Clothing Makes Sense

Lifestyle Camo™ Clothing and Why It Works in These Hunting Situations

There is a flood of camo patterns on the market today. So many that it makes it nearly impossible for the average hunter to choose which one to wear. Not every hunting situation calls for head to toe camouflage clothing. In fact, there are several hunting situations where camo clothing is not required.

Not many hunters can honestly say that going afield without camo clothing is something they do regularly. Its purpose is clear and important, to conceal you from the game you are pursuing. That is why we all wear it. However, the amount of money spent versus the use we get out of mainstream hunting camo brands is disproportional. Lifestyle Camo™ crosses that line where it can be worn in everyday situations and also makes perfect sense to wear in these three hunting situations.

High Mountain Spot and Stalk Hunting

Camo patterns in the high country are less important when you are on spot and stalk hunts. Typically, these hunting situations involve miles of hiking and hours of spotting far off ridges. Camo clothing here has little to no impact on your ability to get close to game. High country elk or sheep can hardly pick out you from several hundred yards away sneaking up on them. Here, camouflage clothing can be replaced with lightweight layers of multipurpose outdoor clothing. Stick to natural colors and dark shades like the Harvest Moon® and Outshine® camo from Moon Shine Camo®.

Camo Clothing Options for Hunting from a Blind

 Whether it is turkey hunting or deer hunting from a blind, you can forgo the camo clothing. The blind itself is your concealment. Although, what outdoor hunting clothing you wear still makes a difference. Camo patterns have little benefit when hunting from a blind, and Lifestyle Camo™ can be substituted. Keep to dark base colors in order to blend into the dark background of the blind and conceal any movements you may make. Your best outdoor clothing choice here is either a good camo hoodie or long sleeve shirt.

Camouflage Clothing on the Deer Drive

 Deer drives work when there is effort put into the planning and execution of them. Those participating are almost always wearing orange in order to be visible to other drivers and standers. That, combined with the purpose of driving deer, to spook them from hiding to a set of waiting hunters, requires no concealment. Even the best all-around camo for hunting serves little purpose in this hunting situation. Ditch the traditional camo hunting clothing for a more expressive pattern that represents your outdoor lifestyle.

Other Hunting Situations

Of course these are not all the situations where Lifestyle Camo™ fits. Most of these hunting situations are where groups of people are involved or the hunt is shared with friends and family. Some other considerations would be:

  • Coyote hunting (especially at night)
  • Upland bird hunting
  • Hog hunting
  • Squirrel hunting
  • Rabbit hunting
  • Raccoon Hunting

The reality is that camouflage provides a definite edge when hunting. It shines in close encounter situations and when hunting game with extremely good eyesight like turkeys. It turns out, however, some hunting situations, like hunting from a blind or spot and stalking game, can be done successfully wearing more modern Lifestyle Camo™ clothing. Hunting is most often about good techniques (wind in your face, slow and deliberate movements, etc.) and not the hunting apparel brands you are wearing.  Hunting is also an experience to share with friends and family. Certain species like rabbit, squirrel, or upland bird hunting offer opportunities to stand out with Lifestyle Camo™ clothing instead of blending in!

New Moon Shine Camo Athletic Line | Camouflage Sportswear

Camouflage Athletic Wear and Sportswear

Spring is here and with it a new line of camouflage sportswear. If you are looking to upgrade your athletic clothing, but looking for something a little more country and your style, then look no further. Moon Shine Camo has released a camouflage sportswear athletic line for spring 2016.

Moon Shine Camo Athletic Sportswear Line 2016 ATA Show
(Video) 2016 ATA show, Moon Shine Camo Showing off their new camouflage sportswear and camo athletic line. The camouflage athletic line from Moon Shine Camo includes pink and blue camouflage head bands, yoga pants, athletic shorts, short sleeves, sports bra, tank tops, hoodies, and jacket.

With the weather turning for the better, and with sunshine and bikinis following closely behind, its time to take action and get in shape. The sportswear that counts while you are working out, or training for summer and hunting season should not only be comfortable and functional, but made out of athletic material. The new athletic line by Moon Shine Camo is made from a polyester/spandex soft fabric that compresses with incredible comfort. Moon Shine Camo’s sportswear line can dress you head to toe for your workout.

The line is available in two camo patterns, Muddy Girl and Undertow Camo. Whether you favor pink camouflage athletic wear or blue camouflage athletic wear, you can show both in style on your next workout. If you are looking to upgrade your workout and training attire checkout Moon Shine Camo’s new camouflage sportswear and athletic line. Check out the new line in the spring catalog below.

Camouflage Sportswear Catalog | Moon Shine Camo

Stand Out with Lifestyle Camo | Stop Hiding Behind Your Traditional Camo Clothing

Express Your Outdoor Passion with Lifestyle Camo Patterns

Let’s play a quick word association game. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of camouflage clothing? The words “bright” or “vibrant” probably aren’t in the top ten, right? It’s likely more along the opposite lines of staying concealed in whatever environment you’re in. Images of blending in with your surroundings probably pop into your head. Whether you’re hunting or fishing, you want to stay hidden from the keen and perceptive eyes of your prey, which is obviously the purpose of traditional camouflage patterns.

Moonshine Stop Hiding Behind Your Traditional Camo Clothing

But when you sit down and think of how much money you spent on your camo clothing, and then estimate how much time you actually wear it in a given year, it can get a little depressing. Maybe you wear some of it around town to show that you’re into the outdoors. But if you’re like most hunters, you likely try to keep some of it ready for use in the woods during hunting season, right? If that’s the case, your camo clothing sits in the closet for the vast majority of the year, unused and unappreciated. And the traditional camo clothing you do wear is likely sporting the same old pattern you’ve worn since you were a kid. Why not express your passion for the outdoors in a new and exciting way? What about combining your hunting interest with some of your other personality traits? Moon Shine Camo has the camo clothing and gear that you’ve been looking for.

Moon Shine Camo Koozies

A newer style of camo clothing, called lifestyle camo, has dominated the market the last few years. It is designed to truly help you stand out and display your interest in the outdoors. The vibrant colors and bold camo patterns immediately identify you in public places like the movie theater, on the golf course, or at the beach as an outdoor enthusiast. Moon Shine Camo has created several unique patterns and color combinations to suit your personality, regardless of your tastes. Try the Outshine series, which has contrasting shades of browns and lighter colors that is a world away from other typical camo patterns. What about Muddy Girl pink camo, with varying shades of pink and purple that looks very unique among other patterns? Or if you really want to stand out as an individual, you could try the new Freedom series, which allows you the choice of almost any color imaginable with your camo pattern! You can’t get much more unique than that.

Moonshine Express Your Outdoor Passion with Lifestyle Camo Patterns

And the product offerings are not just limited to clothing items, either. We have a lot of products and gear in our every-day life where we can also express our outdoor passion. Trucks, boats, ATVs, guns, cell phone cases, etc. can be dipped, wrapped, or draped in Moon Shine’s bold and festive camo patterns to make a truly distinct product that’s clearly outdoors, but all your own style too. A perfect fusion of the two, if you will. Let’s look at some examples.

Want some camo accents on your truck but want something a little more exciting than traditional camouflage patterns? Maybe you need to one up a friend who’s got the typical camo hovering above their running boards? Blow their minds with a Moon Shine Camo truck kit. Whether you want your whole truck covered or just some window films and vanity license plate, any of the Moon Shine patterns are waiting for you. Full truck kits are available for your specific vehicle make and model, but accent strips can be applied to any vehicle as needed. Consider, as a refreshing break, the new Undertow series. It boldly displays bright blue waters tucked behind the contrasting camo pattern. It’s just as fitting at the lake or ocean as it is in the woods. While you’re at it, wrap your boat and outboard motor in a matching pattern for the complete look. It certainly will make a statement to your friends and any onlookers!

Moonshine lifestyle camo truck wrap

Want your trap shotgun to stand out from your competitors? Play some mind games with them by wrapping it in the new Toxic collection pattern, which features neon greens reminiscent of a ninja turtle movie behind the branches. The shotgun kits are waterproof, scratchproof, fade-resistant, and fit all shotguns that are 12 gauge and smaller. And best of all? When you want to change up your look someday (and why not, given all the choices), you can remove the vinyl covering with no residue left behind on your gun! It can now grow with your evolving tastes and styles. Rifle kits are also available with several color options. It’s a cool way to add some personality to your gun and your shooting style.

Want your every-day cell phone case to reflect your outdoor passion in a new and exciting way? Try the Wildfire series, which contains bright oranges and yellows, looking like a real fire has escaped your pocket. The phone cases are available in iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S, and come in several of the Moon Shine patterns. Besides, you don’t want to bring a traditional camo case into the woods anyway. What happens if you drop it and can’t find it? Help your cell phone stick out too with some bright colors.

The point behind all these examples is that we need to stop hiding behind our camo patterns – at least when we’re not perched high up in a tree stand or floating on a beaver pond in a duck boat. If we’re strolling through the golf course or going to a barbeque, there’s no shame in letting everyone know we’re proud to be hunters. But wearing typical camo makes you look like you’re trying to hide. Moon Shine Camo has a huge range of casual outdoor clothing (e.g., hoodies, swimwear, hats, tee shirts, etc.) that you can wear every day, while still expressing the outdoorsman or woman you are proud to be. Stand out from the crowd and let your clothing and gear choices reflect your personality. Let the world know who you are.