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Camo Gun Cases | Protecting Your Firearm with Style

If you travel very much during the hunting season, you probably have two problems. First, your legs and rear side get pretty weary of the long miles. But second, you need to make sure your firearm stays safe and contained while in transit. Our rifles, shotguns, or even handguns are often quite the investment on our part, so why take the risk of not properly protecting them? Besides that, it’s the law just about anywhere that a firearm needs to be in a case when in a moving vehicle.

Just like your favorite firearm, the protection of that gun can be overhauled into a camo gun case with your favorite Moonshine Camo pattern. There are a couple different types of gun cases available on the market. They include hard case, soft case, and cloth or other material options. In order to choose the best one for yourself, you need to look at your specific hunting conditions. Let’s look at a few examples.

Keep Your Investments Safe on the Road | Moon Shine CamoHard gun cases offer more protection in extremely rugged conditions or when you need to fly to your destination (i.e., have you seen the way some airline employees handle your luggage?!). They have a very sturdy shell that you can often lock, and the interior is padded with protective foam to nestle your gun safely. This is important if you want your scope to stay dialed in after traveling a long distance or over rough country. Quality hard cases are often expensive, but it’s better than a cheaply made hard case that won’t offer the security you’re seeking.

Soft gun cases are a great bargain buy since they offer more protection than cloth, but are cheaper than the hard case versions. They typically are made of a protective material, often with some kind of padding on the interior. They generally have a zipper opening and can easily be tucked away in the cab of your truck. Soft cases are perfect for toting your weapon between your favorite hunting locations, whether they are down the road or within a few hundred miles. Your favorite Moon Shine Camo patterns can be applied to these gun cases as well.

Cloth versions are obviously the cheapest and least protective option, but they do have some merits. For instance, it is impractical to carry along a hard case or even soft case on many actual hunts in the field. But if you’re likely to experience a little rain, snow, mud, or dust, keeping your firearm protected will help prolong its useful life and ensure it functions in the backcountry. You can easily carry along a cloth case and then roll it up and pack it when you need your gun. It’s a good idea to have one along.

While these examples mostly apply to hunting situations, you also need a good case to carry your handgun to the shooting range. Or perhaps you do hunt with it as well. Luckily, these cases also come in a variety of Moonshine Camo patterns, so you can rock your favorite one and represent your bold lifestyle. Camo patterns aren’t just for clothing, after all.

Protecting Your Firearm with Style | Moon Shine Camo

Of course, you can do more harm than good with gun cases without some simple precautions. Never put your weapon away wet or dirty if you can help it. The restricted air flow and moisture can cause rust to develop over time. If you’re in the field without any other option, you’ll have to do it temporarily. But as soon as you can, take your weapon out to thoroughly clean it and dry the interior of your gun case while you’re at it. Taking these steps should keep your firearm functioning properly for years, if not decades, without much of an issue.

How Moon Shine Camo Fits into Your Ice Fishing Plans

Outdoor Clothing for the Ice Fishing Enthusiast

Imagine a calm day on the ice where the sun is shining and the wind is barely a whisper. You don’t even need your shelter with you, and can just sit on a camp chair in front of your ice fishing holes. Suddenly a flag from a tip-up shoots high into the air, and you scramble to get over to it. The line is spooling out steadily, but you set the hook as soon as it pauses. After a good fight, you pull a very nice northern pike through the ice and re-set the bait for the chance at another. Life is good.

Though it’s been an unusual winter so far in terms of warmer temperatures, there are still opportunities for hard core ice fishermen and women to get out on the water. If you haven’t tried ice fishing before, you really owe it to yourself to go try it at least once. If you have fished on hard water before, then you know how addicting it can be. Perhaps the best part about it is that you can make it as extravagant or as rugged as you wish. A day on the ice could mean a several-mile hike, chiseling through feet of ice, and fishing with just a tip-up line. It could also include sitting in a deluxe ice castle watching television in your shorts, while cooking your favorite dinner on the stove.

First, you’ll need some warm clothing to stay on the ice for very long. Think cold weather camouflage clothing is just for hunting seasons? Guess again. Moon Shine Camo’s Undertow series fits in perfectly with any fishing activities, summer or winter. It features different shades of blue against a camouflage background. You’ll want a good polyester camo sweatshirt to keep your torso warm, which is where the Undertow camo pullover hoody really comes in handy.

Outdoor Clothing for the Ice Fishing Enthusiast | Moon Shine Camo

Pair your pullover hoody with the Undertow camo black vest and your core is sure to stay toasty on the ice. It has PROTEK softshell armor and a stand-up collar to keep icy winds from sending a chill down your spine. You definitely need to keep your head warm while on the ice, as you won’t stay fishing long without a good hat. The Moon Shine fleece beanie is reversible, made of polyester, and will keep your head protected for long days.

Moon Shine Camo for the Ice Fishing Enthusiast

As far as other gear, you’ll need a few more essentials. Find a decent shelter if you’ll be fishing a lot throughout the season. You’ll be very glad to have it when the mercury really drops. There are lots of DIY options, but a lightweight shelter on a sled is often the best option for portability. You’ll also need a chisel or gas/electric auger to drill your holes. Obviously you’re going to require ice rods, reels, and tackle appropriate for the species you’re targeting. Here’s a tip for new ice anglers: attend an ice fishing seminar at a sporting goods store. They’ll have lots of specific gear recommendations, will provide some tips and tactics, and can answer any specific questions you have.

When it comes to species to pursue, it will greatly depend on the lake you’re fishing. It’s a safe bet that you’ll find panfish (e.g., crappies, bluegill, pumpkinseeds, etc.) in almost any water body in America. Panfish are best targeted by a light rod and line, and using small ant-type jigs or 1/32 oz. spoons, either of which should be tipped with a minnow or grub. If you’re going for perch, sauger, or walleye, try using 1/16 to 1/4 oz. spoons tipped with a minnow head, jigging Rapalas, or rattle baits. It’s always fun to target northern pike through the ice using a tip-up system. Simply bait a quick-set rig with a large and lively sucker minnow, set the flag, and relax until the flag pops up! If you’re lucky enough to pursue trout (e.g., rainbows, brown, lake, cutthroat, etc.) through the ice, the best options seem to be 1/16 to 1/4 oz. tube jigs with white or olive tube worms, or similar-sized spoons tipped with a piece of cisco.

Just keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Ice fishing is by definition never 100% safe. But if you use common sense and follow these safety tips, you shouldn’t have any problems. Never go onto a waterbody your first time without first checking the ice quality. For early ice, take a chisel with you and aggressively poke the ice ahead of you as you walk. You may also want to wear a life jacket and some ice picks around your neck. Occasionally stop and drill a hole to check the ice thickness. Three to five inches should be sufficient for walking and even light ATV traffic. You should plan on at least 12 inches before considering driving a vehicle onto the ice though. The biggest safety tip is to always let someone know where you’ll be fishing. Hopefully these tips will find you on the ice soon!

Fall is in the Air! │ Upgrade your Attire with Moon Shine

Take Advantage of the Fall│ Get out and enjoy it with Moon Shine!

The fall months are an excellent time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Cooler temperatures make spending time outdoors extremely pleasant and enjoyable. Regardless if you are hitting the woods, hitting the water or just working around the house, Moon Shine offers a wide range of lifestyle camo clothing and apparel that will have you ready to take on whatever activity.

Moon Shine Camo HatCooler temperatures seem to get the outdoor “juices” flowing, and have most of us thinking about getting out and getting a healthy dose of nature. Regardless of your intentions or hobbies, Moon Shine has something for you! Moon Shine believes that camouflage and outdoor clothing is a means of self-expression that can transcend boundaries and let everyone know exactly what you are about.

With the cooler temperatures on the way, it is important to ensure that you have comfortable outerwear that can with stand the cooler temperatures and will keep you warm regardless if you are sitting a tree or sitting or watching your favorite football team. When the fall arrives, check out the line of hoodies and fleece pullover jackets from Moon Shine. Both hoodie and fleece jacket lines are extremely durable and well-constructed, and are available in all of the outdoor or lifestyle camo patters offered by Moon Shine.

When fall sets in, sometimes a hoodie or jacket still might be just little too much coverage for the temperatures at hand. Luckily Moon Shine offers a wide range of long sleeve tee shirts that can be just what the doctor ordered. Moon Shine’s tee shirts’ durable, polyester and spandex construction will keep you comfortable while withstanding whatever the wearer can dish out. Moon Shine’s wide range of tee shirts are available in any outdoor or lifestyle camo pattern and will have you feel good and looking the part this fall.Muddy Girl pink hoody

No matter if you are heading to the tree stand, the bass boat, or just hitting the back roads to enjoy a nice fall drive in the country, no outdoor ensemble would be complete without a topper! Moon Shine offers a wide range of head gear for everyone, regardless of your interests. From beanies to leather brimmed baseball caps, Moon Shine has you covered with all of the headwear available in all of the lifestyle camo patterns that you have come to expect from Moon Shine.

When the days get a little shorter, the temperatures start to drop and the harvest is in the air turn to Moon Shine for all of your lifestyle and outdoor camo needs. From shirts to pants, hats and hoodies to vehicle accessories Moon Shine has you covered.

Lifestyle Camo | Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl Wrap Your Vehicle in Moon Shine Camo!

This is anything but ordinary, upgrading your vehicle past a normal paint job and giving it a whole new attitude. Vinyl wrapping your vehicle in camouflage is making a bold statement, a statement that Moon Shine Camo has made.

If you are looking for more than just plain camouflage vehicle vinyl wraps this is it. Moon Shine Attitude Attire’s lifestyle camo patterns gives you just that. Four different patterns gives you four completely different attitudes. What do you want to express?

Moon Shine Motorsports

Muddy Girl

If you are looking to get a pink camo vehicle vinyl wrap this is what you’re looking for. Muddy Girl Camo is one of the hottest pink camo patterns on the market today. Show your love for the outdoors with shades of both pink and purple, sure to be seen from afar and turn heads. It’s truly a lifestyle camo…

Muddy Girl Moon Shine Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping   Muddy Girl Moon Shine Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

Harvest Moon

If you are looking to give your vehicle an aggressive and covert look, Harvest Moon Camouflage is it. The gray tone expresses the assertive and stern look to any vehicle.

Moon Shine Harvest Moon Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping   Moon Shine Harvest Moon Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping


The name says it all, outshining any other camo pattern like it. Outshine Camouflage uses sharp contrasting colors to show who you are and what you believe in.

Moon Shine Outshine Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping   Moon Shine Outshine Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping


Set your vehicle ablaze. The Wildfire Camouflage pattern engulfs the vehicle in a camo pattern never before brought to the market. A bolder than bold statement is made with this pattern giving you the most effective camo vehicle wrap

Moon Shine Wildfire Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping   Moon Shine Wildfire Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

If you are wishing to show your love for the outdoors, or express an aggressive, covert, stern, aggressive, or bold look Moon Shine Camouflage vehicle vinyl wraps are for you.

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