What Camo Are You Missing On Your Vehicle?

Camo Vehicle Wraps and Accessories

Most people would agree that their vehicles are an extension of themselves.  When you think about, it should come as no surprise that you can tell a lot about a person by simply sneaking a peek at their ride.  This holds especially true for the outdoor enthusiast.  Whether you are a hunter, angler or just enjoy spending time hiking, boating, or biking, chances are a perfect stranger could take one look at your vehicle and be able quickly determine that you like spending time outdoors. Moon Shine Camo® has a wide selection of camo vehicle wraps, camo truck accessories, and camo jeep accessories that can help protect your vehicle for everyday wear and tear, while at the same time helping you express your passion of the outdoor lifestyle.

Wrap it up!

The biggest statement an outdoor enthusiast can make with their vehicle is to go completely camo!  The best way to do that is to vinyl wrap your vehicle.  Moon Shine Camo® offers a wide variety of layouts and camo patterns to cater to the exact look you want.  These options offer wraps for your entire rig, or just accent specific features of your vehicleexterior such as the trim or rocker panels. Exterior camo vehicle wraps and accents are available in Moon Shine Camo® patented camo patterns in both full camo or grass camo patterns.

Bring it inside

No matter how durable the interior of a vehicle is, it is still susceptible to wear and tear.  Although it may hold up over a short time span, the long term is another story.  No matter what your interests, if you are an outdoor enthusiast and spend any amount of time outdoors, seat covers are a must-have Moon Shine Camo® has a wide selection of camo seat covers for almost any truck, car, or SUV on the market.  Whether you a looking for Muddy Girl® or Wildfire® camo patterns, these seat covers will help protect your investment and keep you looking good at the same time!


Sometimes making a statement doesn’t mean going “all in”.  Sometimes all it takes is a little camo splash here and there to really stand out.  In that spirit, Moon Shine Camo® offers a variety of camo vehicle accessories that will not break the bank, but still keep you looking good on the road.  From license plate covers and window film to camo vinyl rolls, you can customize your ride in the subtlest of ways and still send a strong message about your passion for the outdoors!



No question that your car, truck or SUV is an extension of yourself.  The same can be said for your toys as well.  Your ATV’s, UTV’s and trailers are not to be forgotten!  Moon Shine vinyl wraps and accessories are available for use on your four wheelers, side by sides or any outdoor vehicle or accessory you may want to highlight or accent.  Available in a wide variety of Moon Shine camo patterns, the exterior wraps are easy to apply, are durable and longlasting, and will hold up to all of the abuse you can dish out.

 Whether you are looking for a way to spice up your vehicle, ATV, UTV or other outdoor accessory, or just looking for a way to protect and conceal your investments, Moon Shine Camo® automotive accessories and wraps will let you shine!

What your Valentine Really Wants | 7 Gift Ideas for Outdoorsmen and Women

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Outdoorsmen and Women

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Are you prepared? Guys and gals alike are rushing in attempt to get something for their sweet heart. This year be prepared and order something that will really make your Muddy Girl or Moon Shine guy really happy!

The Outdoorsmen Shopping for their Muddy Girl

The emphasis is put on the ladies during Valentine’s Day. You’re in big trouble if you’re not prepared. Luckily for you we have made this easy. We have several items and packages specifically for your Muddy Girl.

If shopping for country girl Valentine’s Day gifts, your girl has country in her heart and you cannot go wrong with the latest outdoor clothing items and accessories coated in pink camouflage. From pink camo hoodies, to pink camouflage guns we have it all.

Valentine Package 1 | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Valentine Package Deal -01This package features the best of both worlds, a Muddy Girl Camo white long sleeved shirt for milder winter days and spring, and a Muddy Girl Camo black zipper hoody for those cold brisk days out.

Valentine Package 2 | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Valentine Package deal- 02This package features a Muddy Girl Camo purple logo hoodie and a solid and vibrant Muddy Girl Camo hat.

Women's Pink Camo Hoodie | Muddy Girl Camo

  1. Muddy Girl Camo | Women’s Pink Camo HoodieThis one is for the girl that loves to be decked out in pink camouflage.

coat it in camp | Muddy Girl Camo

  1. Muddy Girl Camo PistolFor the real outdoor or shooting enthusiast a perfect Valentine’s Day gift is coating their personal protection handgun in pink camouflage. With the right attire and camo coated gun, your girl will stand out the next time you hit the range.

Pink Camo Tote Bag | Muddy Girl Camo

  1. Muddy Girl Camo | Pink Camo Tote BagSpring and summer are on their way, this tote bag will help out on and off the beach and at the same time expressing her passion in the vibrant pink camouflage Muddy Girl Camo.

Muddy Girl Camo | Women's Pink Camo Vest

  1. Muddy Girl Camo | Women’s Pink Camo VestNot a hoodie type of girl? No worries, we offer a Muddy Girl Camo vest for those types. Its lightweight, offers warmth and neck protection in the cold, but offers a lighter wear for spring.

Muddy Girl Camo | Women's Pink Camouflage Soft Shell Jacket

  1. Muddy Girl Camo | Women’s Pink Camouflage Soft Shell JacketThe other option for girl that favors a jacket other than a hoodie is this Pink Camouflage soft shell jacket.

The Muddy Girl shopping for their Outdoorsmen

The emphasis is put on the ladies during Valentine’s Day, we all know it, but ladies the guys feel appreciated if the kindness is shared. Unfortunately guys are hard to shop for sometimes, fortunately for you we have readily prepared some great ideas for any outdoorsmen.

Valentine's Package Deal 03 | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Valentine Package Deal -03This Valentine’s Day special package includes a Wildfire Camo black vest, Wildfire Camo black long sleeved shirt, and a Wildfire Camo distressed hat.

Valentine's Package Deal 04 | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Valentine Package Deal -04– If he prefers a more subtle camo pattern the Harvest Moon package includes, Harvest Moon Camo fleece quarter zip, Harvest Moon Camo black long sleeve shirt, and Moon Shine Camo bone collection hat.

wrapping his turck or jeep | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Wrapping His Truck or JeepOne thing is certain for an outdoorsmen, they love their truck or jeep, no not as much as you, but it is close… Wrap it in his favorite Moon Shine Camo pattern for Valentine’s Day this year.

Coating his Gun | Moon Shine Camo

  1. Coating His Gunnext to you and his truck, his gun is beloved. Again you can coat his favorite firearm in Moon Shine Camo. There is also various types of Moon Shine Camo gun cases

Harvest Moon Camo | Men's Harvest Moon Camo Hoodie

  1. Harvest Moon Camo | Men’s Harvest Moon Camo Hoodievery different from your typical camo pattern, this Harvest Moon Camo hoodie keeps in the warmth but shines style. 

Undertow Camo | Men's Undertow Camo Hoodie

  1. Undertow Camo | Men’s Undertow Camo HoodieWith spring coming around the bend, your outdoorsmen will be begging to hit the water. Set him up with this Undertow hoodie before the fish start biting. 

Muddy Girl Baby Doll Set

  1. Lingerie For You…But For Himwant to knock him dead this Valentine’s Day? This Muddy Girl Camo Baby Doll set will do just that!

Whether you’re shopping for the outdoorsmen or women we have what you are looking for. These 7 Valentine’s Day gifts for outdoorsmen and women are perfect for him and her.