Fall Clothing Combinations | Camo Hoodies and Camo Leggings

Lifestyle Camo® | Go Head to Toe This Fall

It might not fully feel like it yet, but fall is in full swing. You can either go into denial about losing your precious summer weather and spending your free time at the beach, or you can look forward to the cooler weather and beautiful scenery of autumn. We choose the latter.

Fall is the perfect time for camo hoodies around the bonfire with friends. It’s also the time for camo leggings to stay comfortable on brisk days. And with fall hunting seasons taking place at the same time, you can easily rock these lifestyle camo® patterns to show your other passions. Check out these popular fall clothing options and make sure you’re ready for the upcoming season.

Camo Hoodies for Autumn

It seems like fall was custom made for a camo hoodie (or maybe it’s the other way around). Brisk evenings spent around a bonfire just wouldn’t be the same without your favorite camo hoodies, would they? They’re cozy and breathe nicely at the same time to keep you comfy all evening. Later in the fall, they work great all day long as you walk through an orchard or rake the leaves from your yard. You can even use them as part of your clothing layering system when it gets really cold. But for now, just look forward to those bonfires on chilly nights!

The Muddy Girl® full camo hoodie is built for comfort. This camouflage sweatshirt is made of breathable fabric, has a front kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm on chilly nights or store your phone, and is sporting one of the most popular camo patterns out there.

Muddy Girl SerenityTurquoise Camo Pattern Hoodie Autumn Website Banner

Camo Leggings for Autumn

Leggings are the perfect fall transition clothing. In early fall when the weather is still hot during the day, camouflage leggings work great when you don’t want full pants on yet. But the wind can be a little brisk sometimes or maybe you need something for the afternoon/evening hours. That’s when leggings really hold their own.

Harvest Moon® camo leggings are the perfect choice for fall weather. They’re made of moisture-wicking materials (i.e., polyester and elastane), so they feel extremely comfortable even when it’s hotter out than expected. They work great as a base layer underneath heavier pants too when the weather takes a bad turn. And when it’s closer to Halloween, is there any better choice of a camo pattern than Harvest Moon®? We don’t think so.

As you can see, camo hoodies and camo leggings are the ultimate fall weather clothing combination. Having the right outdoor clothing is critical to keeping you comfortable outside. With these materials and designs, you’ll be able to stay outside longer and look good while you’re doing it. So don’t mourn the end of summer; celebrate fall!

Ice Fishing Clothing for the Family | Dress for Success

Your Ice Fishing Clothing Game Plan

Like almost any outdoor activity, ice fishing is best enjoyed (or maybe only enjoyed) when you take time to prepare for it. While you might be able to improvise in the warmer months, being unprepared in winter is a recipe for a really unenjoyable time afield. Cold temperatures, icy winds, and bad clothing don’t mix well. This is compounded even more when your whole family is with you to experience the displeasure. This season, get everyone on the same page and upgrade your ice fishing clothing using the ice fishing tips and clothing system below. You and the family will have much more fun, even if you don’t catch as many fish as you’d like to.


What Makes Good Ice Fishing Clothing?


The days of dressing in cotton long underwear and sweatshirts is mostly gone, but we suspect it’s lingering among a few die-hard anglers out there. The problem with cotton is that it doesn’t wick moisture at all, which is a real issue. Inevitably, we’re going to sweat when we’re ice fishing; usually it happens while we’re being mobile (e.g., dragging a fishing shelter, drilling holes for the family, etc.). When we’re done with the physical activity and sit down to watch our bobbers, the sweat just sits there against our skin and cools off. This slowly robs us of our own body temperature and starts a chilling cycle nobody likes to experience when they’re out on the lake. In no time, we’re ready to pack up again, and it’s not even 9 AM.


Performance clothing, on the other hand, is made of synthetic materials like polyester (or blends with cotton) that wick moisture through the fabric. When we sweat, it is basically transferred through our outdoor clothing to the outside of the garment to evaporate away. This keeps our skin drier and allows us to stay comfortable longer. In other words, you should be able to spend more quality time with your family fishing on the ice. The only time pure cotton could be acceptable is if you wouldn’t be doing much physical work; in other words, you show up just in time to fish in the preheated shelter. Everyone’s got a buddy or family member like that anyway, right?


How to Dress for Ice Fishing


With that introduction done, let’s dive into the specific details of your ice fishing clothing system. Layering clothes for cold weather is the best way to regulate your body temperature. Each cold weather clothing layer is very important, but the system itself is pretty customizable for your preferences.


Ryan Lisson


Start with a performance base layer (i.e., long underwear top and bottom, underwear, socks) next to your skin. This material should always be a moisture-wicking powerhouse since it’s in direct contact with your sweaty skin. That’s exactly its purpose, so make sure that it is snug enough to be in constant contact. If it’s too loose, it won’t touch it enough to effectively wick the sweat out and away. Your first pair of socks should also be a liner sock made of polyester or fine wool, which will transmit sweat away from your feet to keep them dry. Cold feet will send you packing pretty fast.


The next winter fishing clothing layer is the one that you adjust most based on the conditions and your activity levels. This insulating layer (or more accurately, layers) should also pull sweat away from your body, but they should primarily hold your body heat. To combine these qualities and get the best of both, a blend of polyester and cotton or polyester and wool works well for ice fishing clothing. The idea is that you can add or remove one of these layers as you cool down or heat up, respectively. The first insulation layers should be slightly snugger to pull sweat out and away, but they can get larger as they move away from your body. Oddly enough, having fewer layers with some dead air space actually helps hold heat longer than multiple tight layers. Typical insulation layers might include wool socks, fleeces, sweatshirts, or vests. This is where the Moon Shine Camo® ice fishing clothing really excels. For example, pairing a hoodie with a black camo vest provides some great insulation on those chilly winter fishing days. If it warms up or you move into a shelter, you can remove the vest and fish in your sweatshirt alone.


Finally, there’s the outside shell layer that protects everything inside. As far as ice fishing apparel goes, this can be a deal breaker for people. Having lots of insulation is great, but it won’t count for much if the wind cuts through it to steal your body heat and the snow melts on your clothing. The outer shell keeps your heat in and the cold wind out. Find a durable winter jacket and bibs that are water- and wind-resistant, and pick up some high-quality boots with 800 to 1,000 grams insulation. You’ll often find yourself kneeling on the ice and your boots will get slushy water on them after drilling holes, so having waterproof ice fishing gear is a must. That being said, you also need the material to be breathable. If not, all that moisture wicked from your body will stop at the barrier of your shell layer instead of venting out to the world.


Then there are the other critical ice fishing accessories, namely being hats and gloves. Depending on how cold it is and whether or not you’re ice fishing in a shelter, you may or may not need a few pair of either. For example, some anglers like to wear a performance beanie underneath a warmer,

insulating hat. This is good for sitting outside using tip-ups, but it is overkill when you’re in a warm shelter. Ice fishing gloves are a different story. Since gloves can make reeling a cumbersome process, it’s best to wear a very warm chopper-style mitten that you can easily slide on and off. That way, you can quickly remove them to catch a fish and put them back on when you’re done baiting the next hook. Keep a spare hand towel hooked to your waist so you can rinse your hands in the water and dry them off before putting your mittens back on. If it’s really cold, you could put a hand warmer into the mitten.


Do You Have the Right Ice Fishing Clothing?


Well, does the system above make sense? While there are lots of youth clothing options to dress your kids according to the layers above, sometimes it might make more sense to bring a shelter and heater to have a mobile base camp. That way when your kids ultimately get too sweaty from running around (which they will), they can dry off and stay warm inside. It will also keep you fishing longer…just saying.


Looking for an Ice Fishing Camo Pattern?


If you are a fishing enthusiast, chances are you are interested in finding a fishing camo pattern. Undertow™ by Moon Shine Camo® is a fishing camo pattern that emerges your clothing, fishing gear, or even your boat in an underwater and tangled brush world! Check it out below!

undertow lifestyle camo Moon Shine Camo


Camo Swimwear | Why Women Want More than Just Pink Camo Bikinis

Why Women Are Asking For More Than Just Pink Camo Bikinis from Camo Swimwear

While the idea of a camo bikini or camo swimsuit sounds like a great idea to purchase right before spring and summer arrive, you might be left in the dark as far as what to buy! Let’s be honest, a pink camo bikini isn’t for everyone. We are asking the question…”why and what do women want, other than just the pink camo bikini when looking for camo swimwear?”

What Kind of Camo Swimwear?

When you type in “camo swimwear” in a search, what are you looking for? In some women’s minds they might be explicitly searching for army type camo bikinis or army type camo swimwear. Most times however these searches are for more prominently liked camo that fit more with the outdoors and the “hunting camo” swimwear mindset. When looking for that type of swimwear and swimsuits, more often than not they are looking beyond the normal hunting camouflage pattern, for something more unique. The only thing available to them however is seemingly endless amounts of the same pink hunting camo.

What is more unique than going out to your local swimming hole than a camo swimsuit? What exactly is more unique than the normal hunting camo swimwear? To answer this best you have to ask yourself, “Why am I looking for camo swimwear?” It is darn sure not to “blend in” or go hunting, it’s a lifestyle and personal statement, like most of the clothes we wear. For camo swimwear you need a Lifestyle Camo ™, not a regular hunting camo pattern. And we can also tell you that your camo bikini or swimsuit should go beyond the normal “pink camo bikini”!

Are Pink Camo Bikinis Really That Bad?

Absolutely not, this is exactly what some women are looking for! Vibrant bright pink camo to express their feminine side, place, and growing dominion in the hunting and outdoor community. The first question you should ask yourself when you are looking for a pink camo bikini is, “Do I want regular hunting camo, just in pink?” Chances are you don’t.One of the biggest growing brands for pink camo, specifically for women wanting to express their outdoor lifestyle, is Muddy Girl® Camo.

Pink camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine Camo

This camouflage goes far beyond the single shade of pink that is commonly seen with most lady’s patterns. Many vivid shades of both pink and purple are combined with bold neutral colors, to create a sharp camouflage that has eye appeal to anyone who has a love for the outdoors.


Pink camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoIt offers something unique to women wishing to express the camo and outdoors lifestyle, so much more than just that same old camo pattern…just in pink. This again is unique and already desired by many who have been exposed to it. Going beyond just regular lifestyle clothing and country clothing, Muddy Girl® Camouflage is also available for pink camo swimwear and pink camo bikinis.

This is just one of the many options for pink camo swimwear, again, if you are looking for that. If you want to see more options check out more at our Shop. For those of you who are looking for more than pink camo for your camo swimwear this summer, there are more options that are different and extremely unique check out the camo patterns and pieces below.

Going Beyond Pink Camo Bikinis For Women

Muddy Girl® Camo gave women a camo pattern unique to them, but then again it still only gave the same option…pink camo. This is not solving the issue of giving women what they are truly searching for, a vast array of options when it comes to camo swimwear. Knowing women search for more than the plain old hunting camouflage slathered in pink given as the only option for camouflage women’s swimsuits, we realized the importance of giving many options. Pink camouflage just doesn’t fit all lifestyle expressions that you might desire. If you perhaps are searching for camo swimwear, but want to steer way from pink camo swimwear check out the camo patterns below.

Blue camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoBlue Camo Swimwear

You’re looking for camo swimwear right now because it is or is going to be summer, and you will be around and in water. Blue camo patterns are extremely popular in bowfishing and fishing enthusiasts, but they also provide a great option for women’s camo swimwear! Undertow® Camo bikini’s and swimwear give you an aquatic water sport type of lifestyle statement. If you are looking for a truly unique blue camo bikini or blue camo swimsuit, we have them available.

Green camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoGreen Camo Swimwear

Other than pink camo, green camo swimwear is the most common color of swimwear you will come across. However, what you will normally find is not distinctive by any means. Again this goes back to the lack of options, it will either be a plain old hunting pattern or the army green pattern that is way to over used. While you might not specifically want a green camo bikini, you might reconsider once you are exposed to Toxic® Camo. Check out our latest Toxic® Camo swimwear.

Orange camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoOrange Camo Swimwear

Orange Camo, besides when someone is hunting, is not a normal or common pattern you will see on women’s swimwear. If you do happen to come across it, it’s not what you would expect or want to wear. With that being said, a different type, again matchless camo pattern we have developed stamps your outdoor lifestyle into your swimwear. Wildfire® Camo is a vibrant and literally hot camo pattern that is truly one of a kind when it comes to an orange camo bikini and swimwear!

When and if you are searching for camo swimwear and camo bikinis, you are most likely considering something beyond the normal hunting camouflage pattern.  You might even be tired of scrolling and shopping the same hunting patterns just coated in pink, over and over again. Let’s be honest, a pink camo bikini isn’t for everyone. We are answering the question to why and what women want in camo swimwear!

Stand Out with Lifestyle Camo | Stop Hiding Behind Your Traditional Camo Clothing

Express Your Outdoor Passion with Lifestyle Camo Patterns

Let’s play a quick word association game. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of camouflage clothing? The words “bright” or “vibrant” probably aren’t in the top ten, right? It’s likely more along the opposite lines of staying concealed in whatever environment you’re in. Images of blending in with your surroundings probably pop into your head. Whether you’re hunting or fishing, you want to stay hidden from the keen and perceptive eyes of your prey, which is obviously the purpose of traditional camouflage patterns.

Moonshine Stop Hiding Behind Your Traditional Camo Clothing

But when you sit down and think of how much money you spent on your camo clothing, and then estimate how much time you actually wear it in a given year, it can get a little depressing. Maybe you wear some of it around town to show that you’re into the outdoors. But if you’re like most hunters, you likely try to keep some of it ready for use in the woods during hunting season, right? If that’s the case, your camo clothing sits in the closet for the vast majority of the year, unused and unappreciated. And the traditional camo clothing you do wear is likely sporting the same old pattern you’ve worn since you were a kid. Why not express your passion for the outdoors in a new and exciting way? What about combining your hunting interest with some of your other personality traits? Moon Shine Camo has the camo clothing and gear that you’ve been looking for.

Moon Shine Camo Koozies

A newer style of camo clothing, called lifestyle camo, has dominated the market the last few years. It is designed to truly help you stand out and display your interest in the outdoors. The vibrant colors and bold camo patterns immediately identify you in public places like the movie theater, on the golf course, or at the beach as an outdoor enthusiast. Moon Shine Camo has created several unique patterns and color combinations to suit your personality, regardless of your tastes. Try the Outshine series, which has contrasting shades of browns and lighter colors that is a world away from other typical camo patterns. What about Muddy Girl pink camo, with varying shades of pink and purple that looks very unique among other patterns? Or if you really want to stand out as an individual, you could try the new Freedom series, which allows you the choice of almost any color imaginable with your camo pattern! You can’t get much more unique than that.

Moonshine Express Your Outdoor Passion with Lifestyle Camo Patterns

And the product offerings are not just limited to clothing items, either. We have a lot of products and gear in our every-day life where we can also express our outdoor passion. Trucks, boats, ATVs, guns, cell phone cases, etc. can be dipped, wrapped, or draped in Moon Shine’s bold and festive camo patterns to make a truly distinct product that’s clearly outdoors, but all your own style too. A perfect fusion of the two, if you will. Let’s look at some examples.

Want some camo accents on your truck but want something a little more exciting than traditional camouflage patterns? Maybe you need to one up a friend who’s got the typical camo hovering above their running boards? Blow their minds with a Moon Shine Camo truck kit. Whether you want your whole truck covered or just some window films and vanity license plate, any of the Moon Shine patterns are waiting for you. Full truck kits are available for your specific vehicle make and model, but accent strips can be applied to any vehicle as needed. Consider, as a refreshing break, the new Undertow series. It boldly displays bright blue waters tucked behind the contrasting camo pattern. It’s just as fitting at the lake or ocean as it is in the woods. While you’re at it, wrap your boat and outboard motor in a matching pattern for the complete look. It certainly will make a statement to your friends and any onlookers!

Moonshine lifestyle camo truck wrap

Want your trap shotgun to stand out from your competitors? Play some mind games with them by wrapping it in the new Toxic collection pattern, which features neon greens reminiscent of a ninja turtle movie behind the branches. The shotgun kits are waterproof, scratchproof, fade-resistant, and fit all shotguns that are 12 gauge and smaller. And best of all? When you want to change up your look someday (and why not, given all the choices), you can remove the vinyl covering with no residue left behind on your gun! It can now grow with your evolving tastes and styles. Rifle kits are also available with several color options. It’s a cool way to add some personality to your gun and your shooting style.

Want your every-day cell phone case to reflect your outdoor passion in a new and exciting way? Try the Wildfire series, which contains bright oranges and yellows, looking like a real fire has escaped your pocket. The phone cases are available in iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S, and come in several of the Moon Shine patterns. Besides, you don’t want to bring a traditional camo case into the woods anyway. What happens if you drop it and can’t find it? Help your cell phone stick out too with some bright colors.

The point behind all these examples is that we need to stop hiding behind our camo patterns – at least when we’re not perched high up in a tree stand or floating on a beaver pond in a duck boat. If we’re strolling through the golf course or going to a barbeque, there’s no shame in letting everyone know we’re proud to be hunters. But wearing typical camo makes you look like you’re trying to hide. Moon Shine Camo has a huge range of casual outdoor clothing (e.g., hoodies, swimwear, hats, tee shirts, etc.) that you can wear every day, while still expressing the outdoorsman or woman you are proud to be. Stand out from the crowd and let your clothing and gear choices reflect your personality. Let the world know who you are.