New Youth Camo Clothing That Kids Actually Wear!

New and Improved Youth Camo Clothing Line from Moon Shine Camo®

 The outdoor lifestyle flows throughout your family. From your spouse, your kids and your relatives, the outdoor lifestyle transcends generations. This passion multiples with your kids who want to follow in your footsteps. It starts out with them putting on your camo hat then you see them walking around in your camo hoodie. Why not let them express their outdoor lifestyle in their own youth camo clothing line?

Moon Shine Camo® has a new and improved youth camo clothing line that meets this need! Youth clothing has to have several key features to function well with kids. All of which can be found in our new youth camo clothing. 

  •  Tagless – Nobody wants an itchy tag, especially kids. Comfort is a top priority and an inconvenient tag is the fastest way to get youth hunting apparel tossed back into the closet. All camo clothing for kids from Moon Shine Camo® features a tagless design. 
  •  Cool Colors – Kids want to express themselves. Drab traditional camo is not appealing to kids. Youth camo clothing has to be bold and unique but also function well outdoors. New colors like Toxic® and Muddy Girl® in kids clothing styles definitely hold up to the coolness standard. 
  •  Functional – The material in youth clothing makes a big difference. It should be polyester or a polyester blend to wick sweat and provide maximum comfort when active outside. 

In addition, youth camo clothing has to make sense from the parent’s perspective. Kids go through clothes quickly. They outgrow clothes faster than you can buy them. Also, being active outdoors means they are eventually going to get rips and tears in most of their outdoor clothing. So to make sense, camo clothing for kids has to hold up well and be available in a wide range of sizes.  

If you are looking for toddler camo clothing, look no further than the new XS size. This size is equivalent to a 3T, which is perfect for those little guys and girls looking to sport some lifestyle camo. Kids clothing styles now come in sizes from XS to XL to fit every growth spurt along the way.  

Another addition to the youth camo clothing line is the zipper hoodie. Based on the traditional camo hoodie for kids, the zipper hoodie offers additional functionality to wear open on warmer winter days and easier on-off. The girl’s styles feature an eye-popping sequin design with a splash of camo inside the hood. It is a perfect combination of coolness and functionality for any outdoor adventure.

The most important aspect is to let your kids have fun with camo clothing. Camouflage clothing is a representation of their lifestyle. One that is surrounded by the outdoors and everything it has to offer. Having youth clothing that represents that lifestyle only helps to promote it further with your kids. 

To conclude, the new youth camo clothing line from Moon Shine Camo® will go beyond satisfying any youngster. It is functional, comfortable and most importantly cool looking. Each style is designed to fit your kid’s outdoor lifestyle as they grow in your footsteps.



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