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Moon Shine Camo® Partners with Gilson Boards

Muddy Girl®, Toxic™ and Undertow™ Camouflage Featured

MT. PLEASANT MILLS, PA – Moon Shine, LP, designer
of Moon Shine Camo, announces their exclusive partnership
with Gilson Boards. Gilson offers their unique, hand crafted
snow boards with Muddy Girl, Toxic and Undertow


Moon Shine Camo Licensing Manager, Brett Erb, describes
the partnership as combining the strengths of two strong,
growing companies making an innovative snowboard with
vivid, eye-catching Lifestyle Camo™ graphics. “Gilson’s
design provides unrivaled function on the slopes and Moon
Shine’s graphics make anyone stand out on the mountain.”

President of Gilson Boards, Nicholas Gilson, states, “The
Moon Shine Camo-Gilson snowboard has tons of flex
coupled with a rapid response that will put a massive smile
on your face. It is built for the big mountain trails as well as
the terrain park.” In the midst of rural American farm land
and only 10 miles apart, two rapidly growing Pennsylvania companies have partnered up to let consumers
show their attitude on the slopes and make the mountain their playground.

Gilson boards are a uniquely designed and built to perform in any condition. Their base technology takes
advantage of a relatively simple concept – in motion, snow behaves much like water and air. Like
airplanes and boats, Gilson snowboards are intentionally curved to deliver a better ride. The Soft-Edge is
made from a smooth bend in the base material just beneath your traditional hard edge. With the Soft-
Edge, you can butter, play, and surf the snow with heightened agility and control. The boards also flex
differently than the standard snowboard. The major flex point on a Gilson is located between your feet to
give you more control of the elastic potential energy (POP). This also prevents nose and tail chatter. The
wooden Gilson core is machined to the boards three dimensional shape, and the base layer of fiberglass is
pressed to that curvature. Much like a tin roof, these boards are made stronger by structural s-curves, and
when they bend, they generate more energy.

About Moon Shine, LP:
Moon Shine, LP is a cutting edge designer of quality brand name apparel and camo that conveys the
attitude and traditional values of every generation. From the hunters and farmers who live off our lands to
the soldiers and patriots who protect it, join them in honoring the essence of the American Legacy. For
more information, visit or call 1.800.4.MOON.SHINE (800-466-6674).

About Gilson Boards:
Gilson is an American snowboarding company that designs bases in three dimensions for an enhanced
feel on the mountain. The team is a close group of designers, craftsmen, and adventurers. We come from
different backgrounds, but we share one thing – we love what we do. We believe in the value of
American artisan manufacturing, which is why we build our boards with locally grown trees here in
central Pennsylvania. We merge the woodworking heritage of our region with the precision of modern
technology, building snowboards that are of the highest quality in construction. For more information,
visit or call 570.798.9102.

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