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Muddy Girl Pink Camo Lifestyle CamoWhy do you wear camo? Take a second to think about it. Most of you will answer “to hunt” or “because I like how it looks”; both great answers. But what if you thought deeper into it? Exclude camo you wear for hunting for conversation’s sake and think about why you really wear camo in public places. Maybe it’s out of pride or simply out of self-expression, but either way, we want people to know what we stand for! Lifestyle camo is a statement. It is OUR statement to the world that we are proud of our love for the outdoors. Whether it is hunting, fishing, or just going for a walk once a week on an old logging road at the park down the street, “outside” defines who we are “inside”, and lifestyle camo is the best way we can think of to make it known to everyone we come in contact.

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Dressing in a way that expresses how we live our lives is nothing new, obviously. Since the beginning of time human beings have set their minds to something, allied with others who shared similar interests, and made their friendship known by expression through appearance and other motives as well. Just as the cowboys and early American settlers dressed in a way that made known their origin an purpose, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts wear lifestyle camo make a statement about their calling to the outdoor lifestyle.

Muddy Girl Camo Pink Camo for WomenBut why?! Have you ever been to a neighborhood party or a church luncheon and thought, “where are my people?” It is in our nature to be drawn to those with whom we share similar interests. People that like to cook like talking to other people who also enjoy cooking. In the same way, we are drawn to others who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle in the same way that we do! Of course, we are not bound to these types of friendships but there is something to be said for the bond that exists between sportsmen and women that does not exist within any other type of relationship we have seen.

So how do you know who these people are? How could you know if someone is a hunter or shares your love for the outdoors? You already know the answer, lifestyle camo. So next time you go to the neighborhood party or the church luncheon, don’t be the one awkwardly trying to spark conversation about trail cameras, hoping someone will overhear your conversation starter and join in. Let everyone there know that you are an outdoorsman or woman by flying your colors proudly. That’s right, the lifestyle camo colors.

Moon Shine Camo has made it their mission to produce the very best outdoor clothing to be worn indoors, the very definition of lifestyle camo. Shirts, hoodies, pants, hats, socks; you name it and Moon Shine Camo has got a pattern on it that will match your lifestyle! So if you want to represent the outdoor lifestyle and look great doing it, check out the lifestyle camo apparel and other products from Moon Shine.

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