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Celebrating Autumn with Your Kids 

We hate to be “Captain Buzzkill,” but although many of us deny that it’s true, summer is officially over. The swimming beaches and bluegill fishing we enjoyed throughout the summer months have now given way to busy school schedules for you and your kids. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing family activities. For that matter, that they have to stop wearing their favorite outdoor clothing. In fact, fall is one of the most prominent seasons for outdoor activities and camouflage clothing. If you’re a hunter, your family is well aware of that! Why should the summer fun not continue into fall? One way to carry it forward is by staying dressed in your favorite camo clothing options. Sure, some school districts and administrations might frown on children wearing traditional camo clothing to school. But Moon Shine Camo is anything but traditional.

Moon Shine Camo has several clothing options for boys and girls, coming in many different patterns. All youth shirts are tagless for maximum comfort and come in youth sizes SM-XL. They are made of polyester, which will wick sweat and moisture away from your active little kids throughout the school day or at gym/recess. Your child will no doubt have fond memories of fishing over the summer with the Undertow series, seen below. Its bright shades of blue and bold camo pattern bring to mind the perfect harmony of hunting and fishing, equally at-home in either situation. Let them relive that big bass catch from the summer by sporting their favorite clothes going into winter.

Kids Have Fun with Moonshine Camo ClothingNaturally, the arrival of autumn also means that hunting seasons are here. You and your kids will probably want to be in the woods or fields when you have to be at work or school. If you’re like us, you may be thinking about it all day. Unfortunately, life tends to get in the way of having fun sometimes. Lifestyle camo can be a good alternative in this case. You might not be able to wear it into the office (although you could try it, depending on your work place). But your kids should be able to do so. Let them proclaim their outdoor passion and interests by wearing their favorite lifestyle camo shirt. Unless your children’s school has a uniform or dress code, there shouldn’t be any problem with it.

If your little girl is a serious outdoors-woman already, she may have no problem sporting many of Moon Shine’s patterns. However, if she has a fondness for the color pink, she may find her new favorite piece of clothing in the Muddy Girl youth shirt. Muddy Girl is a pink camo pattern unlike any other on the market. It features various shades of pinks and purples in different contrasting patterns, and it really makes a statement against the camo pattern. The girl’s youth shirts come in two different styles, with either a black front proudly displaying the Muddy Girl logo, or with the Muddy Girl pink camo covering the shirt. She’ll definitely like one (or more likely, both) of them!

Kids Muddy Girl Camo | Moonshine CamoWhen you do get time to be outdoors with your kids on weekends or after work, save your own traditional camo clothing for actual hunting situations and pick up some lifestyle camo for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing some light scouting or fall fishing, going to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch, attending your kids’ sporting events, or even just taking them on a brief walk in the woods, the important part is getting out and doing these activities. Even if you don’t have a whole day to dedicate to it. Even if the weather’s less than ideal. Even if it seems like more work than it will be worth. Making memories like these is certainly a commitment. Ever try taking a toddler for a brief walk down the driveway? It can take half a day if you just let them explore everything they find interesting. Every rock, crawling thing, and blade of grass is something new to check out. Now imagine taking them on an actual hike through the forest, and it can be an extended ordeal. But it’s worth every moment.

The colder weather of fall also means you’re going to need to bundle up a little more when you do go on your adventures. Or try staying warmer by edging up to a nice toasty bonfire. One great idea is to try to set aside Friday nights (or whatever night works best for you) to have a campfire in the back yard with your kids. It’s a nice celebration to the end of the week and a time for everybody to chat about happened. After doing it a couple times it becomes a fun family tradition that you can partake in from spring through summer, or year-round if the weather permits where you live. If it gets too cold even for the fire to warm you, grab your Harvest Moon pullover hoody. With a front kangaroo pocket, your hands will stay warm enough to help with the last of the summer s’more supply. I’m sure you won’t mind doing that.

As beautiful fall leaf colors start to show, try making a game out of a nature hike with your younger children. Take them out into the woods and assign them to find leaves with green, orange, yellow, red, etc. and tell them to bring the leaves back to you. Assign a fixed area (e.g., “between these four trees”) if you want to keep them close and under supervision. When they return with their leaves, have everyone show what they found. If this proves too easy, up the ante a bit by having them find shades of purple, pink, or other rare colors. Most children love scavenger hunt games like this, and it offers a chance for them to be outside while they do it.

Autumn is a wonderful time of year, even if your children aren’t as excited to be back in school and schedules get a little crazy to handle. Just remember that there is no shortage of fall activities and no shortage of fun lifestyle camo clothing for your kids to enjoy. But it’s only around for a limited time. Get outdoors and enjoy it while it’s here.

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