What’s Your Favorite Fishing Camo Pattern?

Fishing Camo Patterns | Blue Camo for any Situation

When it comes to the fishing world, most people don’t associate camouflage clothing with it. They automatically think of hunting and fall. And while that makes more sense on the surface, there’s no reason you can’t wear a camouflage fishing shirt if you want to, right? But let’s take it a step further. Since fishing camo doesn’t have to be constrained to a few natural colors to blend in, it can be bold and bright. Don’t settle with the old brown and green sweatshirt you’d wear to the deer stand – use a Lifestyle Camo® pattern like Undertow® or Serenity™ to really stand out. And while there are many fishing camo patterns out there, here’s why these two camo patterns, in particular, are perfect for just about any kind of fishing you can think of.

What Makes Undertow® and Serenity™ Good Fishing Camo Patterns? 

Let’s just state the obvious: Undertow® and Serenity™ are blue camouflages and the water you’re fishing on is also likely some shade of blue. Does there really need to be any other reason to use it? Well, here are a few. In addition to the multiple hues of blue in the patterns, there is a network of branches that resemble flooded timber or an ocean bottom. And as we mentioned, these camo patterns are not typical hunting camo with oak leaves and pine branches. It’s really unlike anything you’ve seen when it comes to camo patterns. Beyond that, we have clothing styles and types to suit each person’s taste and the specific weather conditions you’ll face on the water.

Different Fishing Scenarios 

Let’s look at several different types of fishing that vary across several geographies and the species you’re fishing for. We think you’ll agree that Undertow® or Serenity™ are the best fishing camo patterns out there, no matter where you are or what you like to fish for.

Ice Fishing 

Since it is winter, let’s start with ice fishing as an example. Whether you choose to fish on a small pond, a huge reservoir, or a slowly- moving river, ice fishing is a welcomed activity during the long winter across the northern half of the country. Sure, there’s no blue-colored open water to match your fishing camouflage, but the white snow and dark-colored hard water do make your blue shirt look even brighter and bolder. And while it’s not related to the fishing camo pattern itself, the Moon Shine Camo® full camo hoodie is made of 100% polyester to help wick sweat away when you’re staying mobile. You can easily layer your clothing too, which ultimately keeps you warmer for longer.


On a summer night, there’s not much that can beat sitting on a river bank with a fire going, some brats cooking over it, and a couple lines in the water as you wait for a hungry catfish to find your baited hook. In the darkness of the night, the Undertow® or Serenity™ patterns take on a darker shade of blue that actually blends into the moonlight fairly well. The crisscrossing branches on the pattern also resemble the perfect hiding place for a catfish in a murky river. The downside to catfishing in the summer is that it can be hard dealing with the heat and humidity. But donning the full camo short sleeve shirt will help you stay cool since its lightweight, performance construction will wick away your sweat.

Ocean Fishing 

There’s no doubt about it – the bold and bright shades of blue in the ocean are a perfect match for the Undertow® and Serenity™ patterns. This category of fishing doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation, does it? But in addition, the full camo long sleeve shirt is perfect for long days in the coastal sun. Punishing UV rays can cause some really bad sunburn unless you’re prepared. Wearing a typical cotton long sleeve fishing shirt would get far too hot in those conditions and you’d be a sweaty mess in no time. The Moon Shine Camo® long sleeve shirt is constructed of viscose (almost silk-like) and spandex, which will wick your sweat away and help you feel cooler. Wearing a long sleeve shirt to protect your arms while also staying cool is a win-win.

Kayak/Canoe Fishing 

Fishing from a kayak or canoe is a lot of fun. It puts you down near the water’s edge and closer to the fishing action. But similar to the ocean fishing, sitting in a boat surrounded by the water with the sun reflecting back onto you can cause sunburn. Do your fishing shirts keep you covered and also keep you cool? Our lightweight performance shirts ensure you stay comfortable on the water. Or you can always keep some swimwear on to cool off in the water once in a while. Just make sure you know how to get back into your kayak or canoe or find a nice sandbar to relax for a while.

Bass Fishing 

Whether you prefer fishing for huge “bucketmouth” bass from down south or big “bronzebacks” from up north, bass fishing is a passion for many – you’re probably familiar with the Bassmaster tournaments, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re tucked into a shallow and weedy bay somewhere or fishing rocky bottoms, the Undertow® and Serinity™ fishing camo is always a good look. We offer performance shirts for hot weather or hoodies, vests, and windbreakers for colder conditions. The next time you grab a bass by the lip and hoist it for a picture, make sure you’re wearing your favorite fishing camo pattern.



Finally, there’s the wildly popular crossover hunting-fishing sport called bowfishing. If you haven’t tried it, you definitely need to make friends with someone who does because it’s a really good time. When you’re drifting around looking for big carp to arrow, make sure you’re wearing polarized sunglasses and a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes. These will both help you to see under the water surface better, which can obviously help you shoot well too. The Undertow® or Serenity™ mesh hat will also keep your head cooler than a traditional baseball cap. That’s always critical since the summer sun can be punishing!


Are you convinced yet about this fishing camo? Do you think you’re ready to throw those old camo fishing shirts out and pick up some new Undertow® or Serenity™ gear?


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