Fall Clothing Combinations | Camo Hoodies and Camo Leggings

Lifestyle Camo® | Go Head to Toe This Fall

It might not fully feel like it yet, but fall is in full swing. You can either go into denial about losing your precious summer weather and spending your free time at the beach, or you can look forward to the cooler weather and beautiful scenery of autumn. We choose the latter.

Fall is the perfect time for camo hoodies around the bonfire with friends. It’s also the time for camo leggings to stay comfortable on brisk days. And with fall hunting seasons taking place at the same time, you can easily rock these lifestyle camo® patterns to show your other passions. Check out these popular fall clothing options and make sure you’re ready for the upcoming season.

Camo Hoodies for Autumn

It seems like fall was custom made for a camo hoodie (or maybe it’s the other way around). Brisk evenings spent around a bonfire just wouldn’t be the same without your favorite camo hoodies, would they? They’re cozy and breathe nicely at the same time to keep you comfy all evening. Later in the fall, they work great all day long as you walk through an orchard or rake the leaves from your yard. You can even use them as part of your clothing layering system when it gets really cold. But for now, just look forward to those bonfires on chilly nights!

The Muddy Girl® full camo hoodie is built for comfort. This camouflage sweatshirt is made of breathable fabric, has a front kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm on chilly nights or store your phone, and is sporting one of the most popular camo patterns out there.

Muddy Girl SerenityTurquoise Camo Pattern Hoodie Autumn Website Banner

Camo Leggings for Autumn

Leggings are the perfect fall transition clothing. In early fall when the weather is still hot during the day, camouflage leggings work great when you don’t want full pants on yet. But the wind can be a little brisk sometimes or maybe you need something for the afternoon/evening hours. That’s when leggings really hold their own.

Harvest Moon® camo leggings are the perfect choice for fall weather. They’re made of moisture-wicking materials (i.e., polyester and elastane), so they feel extremely comfortable even when it’s hotter out than expected. They work great as a base layer underneath heavier pants too when the weather takes a bad turn. And when it’s closer to Halloween, is there any better choice of a camo pattern than Harvest Moon®? We don’t think so.

As you can see, camo hoodies and camo leggings are the ultimate fall weather clothing combination. Having the right outdoor clothing is critical to keeping you comfortable outside. With these materials and designs, you’ll be able to stay outside longer and look good while you’re doing it. So don’t mourn the end of summer; celebrate fall!

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