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Camo Swimwear | Why Women Want More than Just Pink Camo Bikinis

Why Women Are Asking For More Than Just Pink Camo Bikinis from Camo Swimwear

While the idea of a camo bikini or camo swimsuit sounds like a great idea to purchase right before spring and summer arrive, you might be left in the dark as far as what to buy! Let’s be honest, a pink camo bikini isn’t for everyone. We are asking the question…”why and what do women want, other than just the pink camo bikini when looking for camo swimwear?”

What Kind of Camo Swimwear?

When you type in “camo swimwear” in a search, what are you looking for? In some women’s minds they might be explicitly searching for army type camo bikinis or army type camo swimwear. Most times however these searches are for more prominently liked camo that fit more with the outdoors and the “hunting camo” swimwear mindset. When looking for that type of swimwear and swimsuits, more often than not they are looking beyond the normal hunting camouflage pattern, for something more unique. The only thing available to them however is seemingly endless amounts of the same pink hunting camo.

What is more unique than going out to your local swimming hole than a camo swimsuit? What exactly is more unique than the normal hunting camo swimwear? To answer this best you have to ask yourself, “Why am I looking for camo swimwear?” It is darn sure not to “blend in” or go hunting, it’s a lifestyle and personal statement, like most of the clothes we wear. For camo swimwear you need a Lifestyle Camo ™, not a regular hunting camo pattern. And we can also tell you that your camo bikini or swimsuit should go beyond the normal “pink camo bikini”!

Are Pink Camo Bikinis Really That Bad?

Absolutely not, this is exactly what some women are looking for! Vibrant bright pink camo to express their feminine side, place, and growing dominion in the hunting and outdoor community. The first question you should ask yourself when you are looking for a pink camo bikini is, “Do I want regular hunting camo, just in pink?” Chances are you don’t.One of the biggest growing brands for pink camo, specifically for women wanting to express their outdoor lifestyle, is Muddy Girl® Camo.

Pink camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine Camo

This camouflage goes far beyond the single shade of pink that is commonly seen with most lady’s patterns. Many vivid shades of both pink and purple are combined with bold neutral colors, to create a sharp camouflage that has eye appeal to anyone who has a love for the outdoors.


Pink camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoIt offers something unique to women wishing to express the camo and outdoors lifestyle, so much more than just that same old camo pattern…just in pink. This again is unique and already desired by many who have been exposed to it. Going beyond just regular lifestyle clothing and country clothing, Muddy Girl® Camouflage is also available for pink camo swimwear and pink camo bikinis.

This is just one of the many options for pink camo swimwear, again, if you are looking for that. If you want to see more options check out more at our Shop. For those of you who are looking for more than pink camo for your camo swimwear this summer, there are more options that are different and extremely unique check out the camo patterns and pieces below.

Going Beyond Pink Camo Bikinis For Women

Muddy Girl® Camo gave women a camo pattern unique to them, but then again it still only gave the same option…pink camo. This is not solving the issue of giving women what they are truly searching for, a vast array of options when it comes to camo swimwear. Knowing women search for more than the plain old hunting camouflage slathered in pink given as the only option for camouflage women’s swimsuits, we realized the importance of giving many options. Pink camouflage just doesn’t fit all lifestyle expressions that you might desire. If you perhaps are searching for camo swimwear, but want to steer way from pink camo swimwear check out the camo patterns below.

Blue camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoBlue Camo Swimwear

You’re looking for camo swimwear right now because it is or is going to be summer, and you will be around and in water. Blue camo patterns are extremely popular in bowfishing and fishing enthusiasts, but they also provide a great option for women’s camo swimwear! Undertow® Camo bikini’s and swimwear give you an aquatic water sport type of lifestyle statement. If you are looking for a truly unique blue camo bikini or blue camo swimsuit, we have them available.

Green camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoGreen Camo Swimwear

Other than pink camo, green camo swimwear is the most common color of swimwear you will come across. However, what you will normally find is not distinctive by any means. Again this goes back to the lack of options, it will either be a plain old hunting pattern or the army green pattern that is way to over used. While you might not specifically want a green camo bikini, you might reconsider once you are exposed to Toxic® Camo. Check out our latest Toxic® Camo swimwear.

Orange camo swimwear bikinis swimsuits | Moon Shine CamoOrange Camo Swimwear

Orange Camo, besides when someone is hunting, is not a normal or common pattern you will see on women’s swimwear. If you do happen to come across it, it’s not what you would expect or want to wear. With that being said, a different type, again matchless camo pattern we have developed stamps your outdoor lifestyle into your swimwear. Wildfire® Camo is a vibrant and literally hot camo pattern that is truly one of a kind when it comes to an orange camo bikini and swimwear!

When and if you are searching for camo swimwear and camo bikinis, you are most likely considering something beyond the normal hunting camouflage pattern.  You might even be tired of scrolling and shopping the same hunting patterns just coated in pink, over and over again. Let’s be honest, a pink camo bikini isn’t for everyone. We are answering the question to why and what women want in camo swimwear!

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