Camo Hoodies and Outdoor Clothing For Fall

Hoodie Weather | Camo Hoodies and Outdoor Clothing For Fall

September will be over before you know it and with it the last of the summer warmth! Soon we will be bathed in orange, red, and yellow leaves rather than relentless sunshine. But with the colors of fall comes something a little less exciting…the cold. We all know what comes after fall. But let’s not dwell on that fact, instead, let’s talk the colors of fall, deer season, bonfire season, s’more season, and of course hoodie weather! Just the occasions to wear your lifestyle camo and camo hoodies!

Hoodie Weather

Hoodie weather is the cool, breezy, but relaxing fall weather that envelopes great fishing, deer hunting season, camping, Halloween, and the beginning of the holiday seasons. It’s a great time of year filled with family, friends, fun, and last but certainly not least FOOD! Whatever your pleasure you need the outdoor clothing for fall to fit. The hoodie is the outdoor clothing item that most well represents this time of year. Warm but comfortable!

Whether you are fishing for fall bass, planning on a camping trip, sitting around a bonfire, or just wanting to show you outdoor lifestyle while with family and friends, if you want camo hoodies, we have got one for you. Moon Shine Camo® has several different options, patterns, and colors available for camo hoodies. Check them out below!

camo-hoodies_undertowBlue Camo Hoodies

Hold your breath and allow the rising waters to submerge you in this aquatic blue camo. The flooded forest of the Undertow® now simulates the ocean floor as you look through tangled brush with the curiosity of what nautical creatures hide in the deep blue waters beyond. The combination of wet and wild not only give this pattern an aquatic appeal, but also a bold blue lifestyle look to these blue camo hoodies.





camo-hoodies_pinkcamohoodiesblackzipupPink Camo Hoodies

Muddy Girl® camouflage goes far beyond the single shade of pink that is commonly seen with most lady’s patterns. Many vivid shades of both pink and purple are combined with bold neutral colors, to create a sharp camouflage that has eye appeal to anyone who has a love for the outdoors. It brings a pink touch of life to these pink camo hoodies!






camo-hoodies_blackcamohoodiesBlack Camo Hoodies


Words that come to mind with the Harvest Moon® camo pattern are a sniper, stealth, and covert. Words that come to mind with this attitude are aggressive, assertive, and stern. Far from your typical camo, this pattern is designed for the varmints we hunt at night, and besides that, it is a noble form of expression that successfully speaks your attitude in these black camo hoodies.




camo-hoodies_toxicGreen Camo Hoodies


The yellow and green neon glow of this biohazard Toxic® camo pattern is the first acidic camo of its kind. The graphics of this corrosive countryside are so intense that you can almost hear the sizzle and bubble of the erosion eating the leaves and limbs. This never before seen look at a chemical camo lends itself to making a vibrant lifestyle statement. So, be in the know and get the glow, and liven up with these green camo hoodies!




camo-hoodies_wildfireOrange Camo Hoodies


You can almost hear the crackling sounds of this Wildfire® camo as it engulfs the woods. This pattern represents a forest condition never before depicted as a camouflage pattern. Now you can express your love for the outdoors with bold color and strong attitude. A lifestyle looks that will indeed spread like wildfire in these orange camo hoodies.





camo-hoodies_outshineFall Camo Hoodies


Looking through the grown up fence row of the sun-drenched farmlands, or nestled into the isolated brush of the dry grassy plains, this Outshine® camo pattern uses sharp contrasting colors to break up your outline like no other camo can. It also speaks volumes about who you are and what you believe in, this fall camo pattern allows you to express your love of the season and lifestyle with these fall camo hoodies.

No matter your pleaser, lifestyle, or hobbies in the fall, Moon Shine Camo® has a camo hoodie for you! Enjoy fall and all that has to offer!


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