3 Hunting Situations Wearing Lifestyle Camo™ Clothing Makes Sense

Lifestyle Camo™ Clothing and Why It Works in These Hunting Situations

There is a flood of camo patterns on the market today. So many that it makes it nearly impossible for the average hunter to choose which one to wear. Not every hunting situation calls for head to toe camouflage clothing. In fact, there are several hunting situations where camo clothing is not required.

Not many hunters can honestly say that going afield without camo clothing is something they do regularly. Its purpose is clear and important, to conceal you from the game you are pursuing. That is why we all wear it. However, the amount of money spent versus the use we get out of mainstream hunting camo brands is disproportional. Lifestyle Camo™ crosses that line where it can be worn in everyday situations and also makes perfect sense to wear in these three hunting situations.

High Mountain Spot and Stalk Hunting

Camo patterns in the high country are less important when you are on spot and stalk hunts. Typically, these hunting situations involve miles of hiking and hours of spotting far off ridges. Camo clothing here has little to no impact on your ability to get close to game. High country elk or sheep can hardly pick out you from several hundred yards away sneaking up on them. Here, camouflage clothing can be replaced with lightweight layers of multipurpose outdoor clothing. Stick to natural colors and dark shades like the Harvest Moon® and Outshine® camo from Moon Shine Camo®.

Camo Clothing Options for Hunting from a Blind

 Whether it is turkey hunting or deer hunting from a blind, you can forgo the camo clothing. The blind itself is your concealment. Although, what outdoor hunting clothing you wear still makes a difference. Camo patterns have little benefit when hunting from a blind, and Lifestyle Camo™ can be substituted. Keep to dark base colors in order to blend into the dark background of the blind and conceal any movements you may make. Your best outdoor clothing choice here is either a good camo hoodie or long sleeve shirt.

Camouflage Clothing on the Deer Drive

 Deer drives work when there is effort put into the planning and execution of them. Those participating are almost always wearing orange in order to be visible to other drivers and standers. That, combined with the purpose of driving deer, to spook them from hiding to a set of waiting hunters, requires no concealment. Even the best all-around camo for hunting serves little purpose in this hunting situation. Ditch the traditional camo hunting clothing for a more expressive pattern that represents your outdoor lifestyle.

Other Hunting Situations

Of course these are not all the situations where Lifestyle Camo™ fits. Most of these hunting situations are where groups of people are involved or the hunt is shared with friends and family. Some other considerations would be:

  • Coyote hunting (especially at night)
  • Upland bird hunting
  • Hog hunting
  • Squirrel hunting
  • Rabbit hunting
  • Raccoon Hunting

The reality is that camouflage provides a definite edge when hunting. It shines in close encounter situations and when hunting game with extremely good eyesight like turkeys. It turns out, however, some hunting situations, like hunting from a blind or spot and stalking game, can be done successfully wearing more modern Lifestyle Camo™ clothing. Hunting is most often about good techniques (wind in your face, slow and deliberate movements, etc.) and not the hunting apparel brands you are wearing.  Hunting is also an experience to share with friends and family. Certain species like rabbit, squirrel, or upland bird hunting offer opportunities to stand out with Lifestyle Camo™ clothing instead of blending in!

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