Add a Splash of Moon Shine Camo® to your Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer Camo Clothing |Adding a Splash of Moon Shine Camo®


Spring is within view on the calendar, pollen is in the air, and warmer weather is soon to be upon us. Many people will be spending more time in the outdoors, on the lake and some at the beach, while others will be hitting the gym and trails. Warmer weather also brings family and friends together for outdoor activities, cookouts, traveling, or a fun night on the town. Now is not only the time to be thinking about summer activities, planning spring break and summer travel, it is also the perfect time to be thinking about your summer wardrobe.


Camouflage is a popular trend in casual clothing and accessories seen even in the pages of some of the most popular fashion magazines. Moon Shine Camo® brings a uniqueness to camouflage clothing with a signature look and casual designs. Moon Shine Camo® continues to grow in popularity with a variety of color patterns sure to match anyone’s individuality. Moon Shine Camo® currently offers swimwear, shorts, pants, a variety of shirts, hoodies, and soft shell jackets in several styles in a variety of signature licensed camouflage designs of Harvest Moon®, Muddy Girl®, Outshine®, Toxic®, Undertow®, Wildfire®; and the newest release, Muddy Girl Serenity®.


Camo Swimwear


Since the release of men and women’s camo swimwear in 2014, several popular casual clothing styles have been added to the line-up of warm weather wear. The Moon Shine Camo® casual wear, workout clothing, and camo swimwear are all available in coordinating mix and match pieces in several popular spring/summer patterns. The products are available in men’s sizes small to XXX-large and women’s sizes from extra small to XXX-large, and the ladies camo swimwear is available from small to XX-large.



The popular camo swimwear designs are available for men and women in several styles and colors. The men’s classic fit, fully-lined board shorts features a drawstring waist, front fly closure, drawstring waist, two side slit pockets, a 22” leg length, and a flap pocket on one leg for stowing small items. The color block style pattern with contrasting accents allows the board shorts to be coordinated with any style Moon Shine Camo® shirt. The durable 100% polyester material allows the perfect balance of features and wearability, yet dries quickly. The men’s board shorts are available in Harvest Moon Camo®, Outshine Camo®, Toxic Camo®, Wildfire Camo®, and Undertow Camo®.


For casual wear, the board shorts can be paired with the coordinating ultra soft short sleeve shirt, the raglan shirt, or the Enviroflex shirt making for the perfect leisure wear for warm weather; regardless if you plan to wear them at the beach, lake, or pool, or just for hanging out in your favorite places. For cooler evenings, pair the ensemble with one of the popular Moon Shine Camo® hoodies.



The women’s camo swimwear is available in several different popular mixes and match styles; the bikini, tankini, sports style halter top, boy shorts, and one-piece suits. The bikini style is versatile with pieces that are interchangeable, offering tops in string style, bandeau style, sports style, two tankini styles, and halter style. The various style tops coordinate well with the various style bottoms offered in the bikini style; the tie-side bikini style, low-rise sports style, mid-rise sports style, full coverage style, or boy shorts. The interchangeable pieces are sold individually for versatility and for a customized fit camo swimwear selection.


Camo Workout Clothing


For workout wear, Moon Shine Camo® offers several style athletic shorts, yoga pants/capris, and sweatpants for women. When paired with one of the popular Moon Shine Camo® sports tops, tank tops, or short sleeve tops, it makes for the perfect workout clothing at the gym, on the run, on the hiking trails, or a day shopping. For cooler days and evenings, top your casual wear outfit off with one of the camo accented soft shell jackets, track hoodies, or athletic hoodies. The combinations are endless with coordinating clothing pieces embellished with camo accents, panels, and color splashed logos.


Summer Clothing and Accessories


The products offered in the Moon Shine Camo® clothing line makes for the perfect casual and leisure clothing for any occasion, from outerwear, shirts, pants and hoodies to camo swimwear, hats, headband, and accessories. The combinations are endless. Even the little people have choices with Moon Shine Camo® shirts and hoodies for youth boys and girls.


You can also top off your summer wear with a headband for the women or coordinating baseball style caps for men. You can even add accessories with Moon Shine Camo® sunglasses, or add a roomy shoulder tote bag for outings, and if you plan on enjoying a cold drink, add one of the coolest koozies out there…but you better keep your eye on it because it is sure to get some attention and may get picked up by someone else.




For those summer sports or team activities, Moon Shine Camo® also offers team wear with the logo wear line to give your team a distinctive look. Full camo or accented camo short sleeve, long sleeve shirts, soft shell jackets and several other styles can be customized to unite your team for any event.


With quality materials and meticulous designs, Moon Shine Camo® is sure to please even the most critical consumer. Moon Shine Camo® stands behind its products with a product return/exchange policy. Moon Shine Camo® also offers gift certificates for any occasion for easy gift giving. With the easy to use Moon Shine Camo® website online catalog, helpful sizing charts, easy to use ordering, you can have your summer wardrobe picked out, ordered and in the mail on the way to you long before the first day of spring.


Moon Shine Camo® coined the slogan, “Liv’n in Lifestyle Camo™,” and it has proven to be more than just a saying–it is a way of life for those that enjoy the passion of the outdoors and those who appreciates the unique flair of camouflage clothing with a splash of color.

Hiking Clothing for Late Winter and Early Spring

Staying Comfortable with Hiking Clothing

March is that special time of year where we can at least start to think about spring’s arrival. It would normally be dangerous to do so any sooner than now, but this strange winter of warmer-than-average temperature swings has got many people thinking about spring full blast right now. If you’ve been thinking about getting out to enjoy some spring-like weather yourself, you’re going to need the right spring hiking clothing first.


Recreational Opportunities This Spring

Depending on where you live, there are loads of great outdoor activities you can do this time of year. If there is enough ice left, there’s some fantastic ice fishing to be had in March, primarily because the weather is much nicer and the fish can be very aggressive. If you have access to a few maple trees in your yard or on some family hunting land, you could tap them to make your own maple syrup out of the sap. You could also scout some potential ambush spots for turkey hunting later in April. Of course, you could always get out for some more shed hunting opportunities while the antlers last. But one of the few outdoor activities that unite all of these is hiking.



Hiking might seem like it is just glorified walking, but that’s only partially true. There are actually lots of benefits that make it a very enjoyable way to spend a late winter or early spring day. First, it’s a good form of exercise. Hiking will often take you up and down hillsides, forcing you to bend, stoop, and stretch along the way. You’ll also usually be carrying a backpack, which increases the load you’re carrying. This is a phenomenal workout because it is so practical and translates over into hunting or everyday life so easily. Hiking also generally takes you into some beautiful and scenic areas. But the best part about hiking this time of year is getting out and enjoying the first glimpses of warm weather. You can hear the birds chirping away in delight and feel the warm breeze on your face as the last remnants of snow disappear. After a long winter spent mostly indoors, it’s a welcome change of pace. But you need to have the right hiking clothing to do it well.


Hiking Clothing Tips

In order for you to thoroughly enjoy a day of hiking, you’re going to need to take a few precautions first. The most important part of any outdoor recreation, especially in late winter or early spring, is to utilize performance clothing while you’re active. Performance clothes are designed to help your body regulate its temperature. It does that by wicking moisture (i.e., sweat) away from your skin and to the outside of your garment to evaporate. Why is that important? Think about two people: one falls in a near-frozen lake and struggles back out, while the other doesn’t fall in. Which person’s future looks kind of grim? Obviously the soaking wet person, because moisture steals us of our body heat much faster than if we were dry. While spring weather should generally mean warmer weather, sweat is a killer if it gets cold and should be avoided as much as possible. To help you get started, Moon Shine Camo® has hiking clothing for men, women, and children.


But to get the most out of these performance garments, you need to also use an outdoor clothing layering system. Start by keeping a snug performance base layer next to your skin, which will pull the sweat out and away. This layer should be constructed of fine merino wool or synthetic polyester as they make the best moisture-wicking clothes. Wool also keeps you warm when it gets wet and doesn’t collect odors, which makes it a good choice for cold weather hiking clothing. But if you’re using enough insulating layers (below), you can just as easily use a polyester shirt. The Harvest Moon camouflage® short sleeve shirt is a great option because it is soft, tagless, and constructed of moisture-wicking polyester.




The next hiking clothing layers should include insulation to keep you warm, whether in the form of wool, fleece, or synthetic polyester. But you should focus on having multiple light layers versus one lofty puffy garment. That way, you can adjust your hiking clothing as you warm up or cool down. Hiking is full of bursts of energy while on the trail followed by rests at scenic viewpoints. If you can’t add or remove your clothing layers, you will get too hot and sweaty to be comfortable the rest of your hike. Moon Shine Camo® has several polyester options that work great for insulating layers. Using a combination of the Harvest Moon lifestyle camo® performance hoodie and Protek vest, you can adjust your body temperature easily while on the trail.



Finally, you’ll need a hiking shell layer to keep the wind and rain away. You never know what conditions you’ll face out there on the trail (e.g., rain, snow, wind, etc.), so it’s best to be prepared. Carrying a light wind breaker or rain jacket is a good option because they don’t take up much space or weigh much, but they can quickly be added if the conditions deteriorate. As long as you stay dry with your performance clothes and have enough insulation layers, the shell layer will protect you from the weather.


While they don’t quite fit in the hiking clothing category, you’ll also obviously need a good pair of hiking boots if you’re going to have any fun while hiking. If your boots are too small, they will constrict your feet. If they’re too big, you’ll get blisters from all the rubbing and shifting. If they’re too heavy, your legs will get tired much faster. After finding a pair of boots that work for you, take time to break them in a little bit on shorter walks before you go on any huge treks or tackle elevation changes. This will also prevent blisters and help you pinpoint any trouble spots before they’re really put to the test.

Spring Hiking Tips

If you haven’t hiked much in the past, don’t try to become an expert in one day. After a winter spent indoors, we all have to build our hiking stamina back up a bit each spring. It takes time for our bodies to get back in the groove and build up the strength and endurance you need for hiking. So for the first few trips, take it easy. Plan on doing some training hikes through a local park that’s only slightly challenging for you, and then build up from there. As your hikes increase in length and difficulty, you might want to start bringing a backpack with. Not only can you pack snacks, water, hiking gear, and various layers of hiking clothing in it, but it also challenges you to build your physical strength too. Make sure to let family or friends know where you’re going, especially if it’s a really long or strenuous hike.




If you’ve been looking for a fun activity to keep you outdoors these last days of winter, look no further than hiking. It’s a great activity for the whole family to get involved as long as you have the right outdoor clothing. Plus, it has the side benefit of helping you train for other outdoor activities throughout the rest of the year.


The Best Outdoor Clothing for Spring Activities

Outdoor Clothing | Spring Activities To Do Now and The Active Clothing To Go With Them

The tree buds are turning into miniature leaves, the flowers are popping up from the soil, and there are birds singing in every little rain storm we get. Spring, it seems, is officially here. Luckily, that means all of the fun things we look forward to over the long winter months are also about to kick off. Whether they’re strictly for fun right now or they will help you next fall, here are several outdoor activities you can and should be doing to enjoy this amazing but fleeting season. But before we get to that, is your collection of outdoor clothing ready to go too?

You might ask why it’s even important to have a separate set of outdoor clothing for these events when a raggedy old t-shirt would do. The problem with typical street clothes is that they won’t function very well in an outdoor setting. If they get wet from rain or sweat, cotton clothing holds that moisture right next to the skin. Besides just feeling uncomfortable, that situation can be potentially dangerous. In spring weather, you can still experience cold conditions that might surprise you, and it’s never fun running into that when your clothes are damp.

But true active wear clothing is made of natural (e.g., wool) or synthetic (e.g., polyester) material that pulls the moisture away from your body so that it can evaporate on the outside of your garment. Because of this role, it should always be your first base layer against the skin. It’s helpful if the active clothing is also a little snug-fitting, as that will help to wick the sweat away further. Outdoor clothing made of these materials should be included in each additional layer so that it can keep wicking moisture outward. Any time you’re staying active outside, no matter if it’s hot or cold out, you should be using one of these outdoor clothing options in your layering.

the best outdoor clothing for spring activities | Moon Shine Camo

Spring Activities

This time of year is great for several outdoor activities since the weather is mostly pleasant, the bugs aren’t out, and there are no summer plans to interfere with everything yet. Because of these qualities, the time is especially great for scouting the woods (either for turkey season this spring or deer hunting next fall). You really can’t do any harm in scouting for deer now because they will have forgiven your intrusion by next autumn. If you’re scouting for turkey season though, you may want to stay on the quiet and unnoticed side of things as your hunting season is likely already open or will open soon. Bring multiple layers of outdoor clothing while you’re scouting or turkey hunting because you can heat up while covering ground, but cool off when you slow down.

Right about now is the perfect time to start morel mushroom hunting, which you can even do while you’re scouting. Wait until the mercury climbs high after a steady rain event, and head to the woods with an onion sack or paper bag in hand. Look under dead or dying trees (especially elm, apple, or ash) for the unique structure of a morel cap, which has many ridges, cavities, and folds. Harvest them by pinching the stem close to the ground or slicing them off with a knife. Once you’re back home, soak them in saltwater for twenty minutes, cut them in half, and fry in butter until golden brown. Delicious.

If you’ll be scouting or mushroom hunting near a trout stream or river, why not bring the spinning rod to see if you can land a delicious spring dinner? There are many stream trout seasons across the country that open in April or May, so look around to see if there’s one near you. You don’t need a fly rod to fish for trout; your ordinary spinning rod will do just fine with some 6 to 8 pound test line, and a plain hook or modest jig tipped with a fat nightcrawler segment. Float it downstream into pools or near log jams and rock outcrops where big trout like to hide from the current. While the Undertow® pattern is a natural choice for most fishing, you need to stay somewhat hidden from trout while stalking along the bank. That makes the Outshine Camouflage® long sleeve shirt a better choice for spring trout fishing. They are great active shirts for men because they are comfortable and keep your body dry.

the best outdoor clothing for spring activities | Moon Shine Camo

Spring is a wonderful time to go hiking, backpacking, or camping, either alone or with family and friends. As mentioned, there really aren’t any mosquitoes to bother you this time of year, and the forests and natural areas are starting to bloom and sprout into vibrant colors, which makes it perfect for nature watching. Your hiking equipment may be scattered after a winter off, so start by gathering up your camping supplies and equipment and lay it all out to see what’s missing or needs repair. Car camping is often better with the family because you can cram more camping equipment in to make it more comfortable. If you prefer solo hiking excursions, load up a backpack with a few hiking gear essentials and hit the trail. Active wear for men and women is critical when backpacking or camping, simply because moisture-wicking layers help your body adjust to temperature and activity changes.

Every spring, there is an increase in people’s activity levels. The amazing change of weather spurs us to get outside and start exercising again after a winter of relative laziness. Whether you plan on running intervals down the road or simply walking trails with a friend, consider the Muddy Girl® athletic line. It’s the perfect women’s active wear because it combines a pleasing pattern with the technical capabilities of a good outdoor clothing line.

If your family doesn’t want to join you on one of these specific outdoor excursions, you can also just spend time playing with the kids or enjoying time in the yard with a spouse. Whether you’re simply going for a walk down the road, having a bonfire in the backyard, or planting the garden, you could benefit from wearing the right outdoor clothing. If nothing else, lifestyle camo™ is a fun and different way to represent your outdoor passion.

This spring, get outside as much as you possibly can to enjoy these activities before the heat, humidity, and insects of summer take over. But before you do that, make sure you have the right active clothing for men and women everywhere to get you through it all.

Express Your Life | Moon Shine Camo Fan Picture Showcase!

Lifestyle Camo | Moon Shine and Muddy Girl Facebook Fans Showing Off!

Whether you are in the woods, on the street, or inside there is always a need for camo. Lifestyle camo has evolved completely out of making twigs, leaves, and bark come to life on your shirt, only to conceal yourself while hunting. Instead, it has grown into an opportunity to expose and show your passion in the modern world, and the modern world could not make it any easier to do so!

Today you can show camo on literally everything! From simple outdoor clothing, to entire vehicle wraps you can throw camo on anything you wish to give it flare! With today’s technology you can wrap it, drape it, and dip it in any lifestyle camo pattern you wish. Nothing is off limits for camo expressions.

Whether you are hunting, mudding, in school, or just out and about, the occasion definitely calls for lifestyle camo. Believe us, we have taken notice. Every day we see your passion in photos on and posted on our social media sites. We want to show it off!

Here are some of the biggest, loudest, strangest, and coolest expressions we have seen!

BikeMuddy Girl Bike | Moonshine Camo

Car engine!Muddy Girl Car Engine | Moonshine Camo

Dirt Bike
Undertow Dirt Bike | Moonshine Camo

Dog wildfire
Dog wildfire | Moon Shine Camo

Harvest moon guitar!
harvest moon guitar | Moon Shine Camo

Kids in style!
Kids in style | Moon Shine Camo

Outshine Mailbox | Moon Shine Camo

Muddy girl I doMuddy girl I do | Moon Shine Camo

Muddy Girl Roses | Moon Shine Camo

Ruger Handgun
Muddy Girl Ruger handgun | Moon Shine Camo

Shred in style! Muddy Girl Snow Board | Moon Shine Camo

Toilet seat? Why not! Muddy Girl Toilet seat | Moon Shine Camo

Toxic AR15
Toxic AR 15 | Moon Shine Camo

Toxic forklift!Toxic Fork lift | Moon Shine Camo

Toxic Speed! Toxic Lambo | Moon Shine Camo

Undertow cooler! Undertow cooler | Moon Shine Camo

Wildfire fish baits!WIldfire fish baits | Moon Shine Camo

Think you know something or do you have something that should make it on the list? Comment below with the picture!

Check out every option of camo fitted for any lifestyle and expression: in Harvest Moon, Muddy Girl, Outshine, Toxic, Wildfire.

All the endless possibilities can be found in the 2016 catalog.

Stand Out with Lifestyle Camo | Stop Hiding Behind Your Traditional Camo Clothing

Express Your Outdoor Passion with Lifestyle Camo Patterns

Let’s play a quick word association game. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of camouflage clothing? The words “bright” or “vibrant” probably aren’t in the top ten, right? It’s likely more along the opposite lines of staying concealed in whatever environment you’re in. Images of blending in with your surroundings probably pop into your head. Whether you’re hunting or fishing, you want to stay hidden from the keen and perceptive eyes of your prey, which is obviously the purpose of traditional camouflage patterns.

Moonshine Stop Hiding Behind Your Traditional Camo Clothing

But when you sit down and think of how much money you spent on your camo clothing, and then estimate how much time you actually wear it in a given year, it can get a little depressing. Maybe you wear some of it around town to show that you’re into the outdoors. But if you’re like most hunters, you likely try to keep some of it ready for use in the woods during hunting season, right? If that’s the case, your camo clothing sits in the closet for the vast majority of the year, unused and unappreciated. And the traditional camo clothing you do wear is likely sporting the same old pattern you’ve worn since you were a kid. Why not express your passion for the outdoors in a new and exciting way? What about combining your hunting interest with some of your other personality traits? Moon Shine Camo has the camo clothing and gear that you’ve been looking for.

Moon Shine Camo Koozies

A newer style of camo clothing, called lifestyle camo, has dominated the market the last few years. It is designed to truly help you stand out and display your interest in the outdoors. The vibrant colors and bold camo patterns immediately identify you in public places like the movie theater, on the golf course, or at the beach as an outdoor enthusiast. Moon Shine Camo has created several unique patterns and color combinations to suit your personality, regardless of your tastes. Try the Outshine series, which has contrasting shades of browns and lighter colors that is a world away from other typical camo patterns. What about Muddy Girl pink camo, with varying shades of pink and purple that looks very unique among other patterns? Or if you really want to stand out as an individual, you could try the new Freedom series, which allows you the choice of almost any color imaginable with your camo pattern! You can’t get much more unique than that.

Moonshine Express Your Outdoor Passion with Lifestyle Camo Patterns

And the product offerings are not just limited to clothing items, either. We have a lot of products and gear in our every-day life where we can also express our outdoor passion. Trucks, boats, ATVs, guns, cell phone cases, etc. can be dipped, wrapped, or draped in Moon Shine’s bold and festive camo patterns to make a truly distinct product that’s clearly outdoors, but all your own style too. A perfect fusion of the two, if you will. Let’s look at some examples.

Want some camo accents on your truck but want something a little more exciting than traditional camouflage patterns? Maybe you need to one up a friend who’s got the typical camo hovering above their running boards? Blow their minds with a Moon Shine Camo truck kit. Whether you want your whole truck covered or just some window films and vanity license plate, any of the Moon Shine patterns are waiting for you. Full truck kits are available for your specific vehicle make and model, but accent strips can be applied to any vehicle as needed. Consider, as a refreshing break, the new Undertow series. It boldly displays bright blue waters tucked behind the contrasting camo pattern. It’s just as fitting at the lake or ocean as it is in the woods. While you’re at it, wrap your boat and outboard motor in a matching pattern for the complete look. It certainly will make a statement to your friends and any onlookers!

Moonshine lifestyle camo truck wrap

Want your trap shotgun to stand out from your competitors? Play some mind games with them by wrapping it in the new Toxic collection pattern, which features neon greens reminiscent of a ninja turtle movie behind the branches. The shotgun kits are waterproof, scratchproof, fade-resistant, and fit all shotguns that are 12 gauge and smaller. And best of all? When you want to change up your look someday (and why not, given all the choices), you can remove the vinyl covering with no residue left behind on your gun! It can now grow with your evolving tastes and styles. Rifle kits are also available with several color options. It’s a cool way to add some personality to your gun and your shooting style.

Want your every-day cell phone case to reflect your outdoor passion in a new and exciting way? Try the Wildfire series, which contains bright oranges and yellows, looking like a real fire has escaped your pocket. The phone cases are available in iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S, and come in several of the Moon Shine patterns. Besides, you don’t want to bring a traditional camo case into the woods anyway. What happens if you drop it and can’t find it? Help your cell phone stick out too with some bright colors.

The point behind all these examples is that we need to stop hiding behind our camo patterns – at least when we’re not perched high up in a tree stand or floating on a beaver pond in a duck boat. If we’re strolling through the golf course or going to a barbeque, there’s no shame in letting everyone know we’re proud to be hunters. But wearing typical camo makes you look like you’re trying to hide. Moon Shine Camo has a huge range of casual outdoor clothing (e.g., hoodies, swimwear, hats, tee shirts, etc.) that you can wear every day, while still expressing the outdoorsman or woman you are proud to be. Stand out from the crowd and let your clothing and gear choices reflect your personality. Let the world know who you are.

Lifestyle Camo | Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl Wrap Your Vehicle in Moon Shine Camo!

This is anything but ordinary, upgrading your vehicle past a normal paint job and giving it a whole new attitude. Vinyl wrapping your vehicle in camouflage is making a bold statement, a statement that Moon Shine Camo has made.

If you are looking for more than just plain camouflage vehicle vinyl wraps this is it. Moon Shine Attitude Attire’s lifestyle camo patterns gives you just that. Four different patterns gives you four completely different attitudes. What do you want to express?

Moon Shine Motorsports

Muddy Girl

If you are looking to get a pink camo vehicle vinyl wrap this is what you’re looking for. Muddy Girl Camo is one of the hottest pink camo patterns on the market today. Show your love for the outdoors with shades of both pink and purple, sure to be seen from afar and turn heads. It’s truly a lifestyle camo…

Muddy Girl Moon Shine Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping   Muddy Girl Moon Shine Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

Harvest Moon

If you are looking to give your vehicle an aggressive and covert look, Harvest Moon Camouflage is it. The gray tone expresses the assertive and stern look to any vehicle.

Moon Shine Harvest Moon Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping   Moon Shine Harvest Moon Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping


The name says it all, outshining any other camo pattern like it. Outshine Camouflage uses sharp contrasting colors to show who you are and what you believe in.

Moon Shine Outshine Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping   Moon Shine Outshine Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping


Set your vehicle ablaze. The Wildfire Camouflage pattern engulfs the vehicle in a camo pattern never before brought to the market. A bolder than bold statement is made with this pattern giving you the most effective camo vehicle wrap

Moon Shine Wildfire Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping   Moon Shine Wildfire Camouflage Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping

If you are wishing to show your love for the outdoors, or express an aggressive, covert, stern, aggressive, or bold look Moon Shine Camouflage vehicle vinyl wraps are for you.

Want to install it?

Send an email to and we will point you to the nearest installer. Please include your current location.

Lifestyle Camo | Outdoor Clothing For an Outdoor Lifestyle

You Are What You Wear | You Wear What You Love

Muddy Girl Pink Camo Lifestyle CamoWhy do you wear camo? Take a second to think about it. Most of you will answer “to hunt” or “because I like how it looks”; both great answers. But what if you thought deeper into it? Exclude camo you wear for hunting for conversation’s sake and think about why you really wear camo in public places. Maybe it’s out of pride or simply out of self-expression, but either way, we want people to know what we stand for! Lifestyle camo is a statement. It is OUR statement to the world that we are proud of our love for the outdoors. Whether it is hunting, fishing, or just going for a walk once a week on an old logging road at the park down the street, “outside” defines who we are “inside”, and lifestyle camo is the best way we can think of to make it known to everyone we come in contact.

Moon Shine Camo Muddy Girl Yoga Pants

Dressing in a way that expresses how we live our lives is nothing new, obviously. Since the beginning of time human beings have set their minds to something, allied with others who shared similar interests, and made their friendship known by expression through appearance and other motives as well. Just as the cowboys and early American settlers dressed in a way that made known their origin an purpose, hunters and outdoors enthusiasts wear lifestyle camo make a statement about their calling to the outdoor lifestyle.

Muddy Girl Camo Pink Camo for WomenBut why?! Have you ever been to a neighborhood party or a church luncheon and thought, “where are my people?” It is in our nature to be drawn to those with whom we share similar interests. People that like to cook like talking to other people who also enjoy cooking. In the same way, we are drawn to others who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle in the same way that we do! Of course, we are not bound to these types of friendships but there is something to be said for the bond that exists between sportsmen and women that does not exist within any other type of relationship we have seen.

So how do you know who these people are? How could you know if someone is a hunter or shares your love for the outdoors? You already know the answer, lifestyle camo. So next time you go to the neighborhood party or the church luncheon, don’t be the one awkwardly trying to spark conversation about trail cameras, hoping someone will overhear your conversation starter and join in. Let everyone there know that you are an outdoorsman or woman by flying your colors proudly. That’s right, the lifestyle camo colors.

Moon Shine Camo has made it their mission to produce the very best outdoor clothing to be worn indoors, the very definition of lifestyle camo. Shirts, hoodies, pants, hats, socks; you name it and Moon Shine Camo has got a pattern on it that will match your lifestyle! So if you want to represent the outdoor lifestyle and look great doing it, check out the lifestyle camo apparel and other products from Moon Shine.

Outdoor Clothing | How to Choose Wisely

Smart Outdoor Clothing Choices for a Better Experience 

Whether you’re planning a summer camping event, a fishing trip, or a fall hunting excursion, an intelligent choice of outdoor clothing can make or break your experience. Plan it correctly, and you’ll likely have a wonderful trip. Fail to bring the right clothing, and you can have an incredibly miserable, if not life-threatening, time.

Does that sound too dramatic? Think back to a time you were under-prepared for time spent in the outdoors. For myself, I once brought mostly light clothing on a spring camping trip. During the day, it was unseasonably hot and I sweated right through my cotton clothing early in the day. However, meteorological predictions being what they are, the temperatures actually went the wrong way of comfortable as the sun retreated behind the trees. It was easily one of the most miserable nights of my life. I shivered uncontrollably, suited up in everything I brought plus my light sleeping bag. Luckily, I lived to hike out the next day and wave my white flag in defeat. Maybe you’ve had similar experiences or the opposite has occurred to you. The point is that smart clothing choices can have a big influence on your experience.

Moon Shine Muddy Girl Camo Fabric

Outdoor clothing choices come in so many styles, weights, and constructions today it can be a little confusing when the time comes for a decision. The information below should help you identify the best clothing for the type of activity you plan to do.

Fabric Comparison

Moon Shine Fabric ComparisonFirst, let’s start with the most basic and critical component: fabrics. Not all are created equal, but all have a time and place. Below is a rough list of the most common clothing fabrics on the market, and the benefits or drawbacks to each one.

Nylon or Polyester – synthetic, very breathable and moisture-wicking

Rayon – synthetic, dries quickly, and slightly less moisture-wicking than nylon or polyester

Silk – natural, lightweight and good for warm or cold conditions, but not very durable

Wool – natural, insulating even when wet and cool in summer

Cotton – natural, durable, but not very moisture-wicking

Performance Clothing

Moon Shine Performance ClothingThis type of outdoor clothing, often made of synthetic, silk, or wool fabrics, helps your body to wick away moisture swiftly. This will keep you cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. When your clothing holds perspiration next to your skin, you lose body heat faster due to conductivity. Imagine sitting in 50 degree air for a few minutes versus in 50 degree water. The water against your skin conducts heat away much faster than just air.

Performance clothing is best used when you’re engaging in any physical activity. You’re likely going to need it at some point on most camping or hiking trips, hunting expeditions, golf outings, or even fishing excursions. Most outdoor clothing is made of performance fabrics, anticipating you’ll be active at some point and then have periods where you need to be motionless but warm.

Casual Clothing

There’s also casual outdoor clothing that will perform wonderfully for everyday use. Casual clothing is generally of cotton or synthetic construction. It doesn’t always breathe or wick moisture well in strenuous physical activity, but it’s not really made for that. Casual clothing works great if you’re hanging around camp, puttering around the lake, golfing in cooler weather, attending a country music concert, or doing something of a similar nature.

Moon Shine Casual Clothing Muddy Girl CamoGenerally, you’ll find a wider range of designs and styles with casual clothing. While you can still find traditional brown and green camouflage designs on casual clothing, you’ll also find more exciting options. That’s because you’ll more often be wearing it to the bar instead of to the woods. One popular option is what’s called “lifestyle camouflage,” which typically has bolder designs and brighter colors than traditional camo clothing. You can find bright orange to pink to neon colored camouflage designs, giving you an opportunity to express your own attitude and stand out. Wearing lifestyle camouflage boldly proclaims you as the outdoorsman or woman that you are. Wear it with pride.

Now you know how to choose the best outdoor clothing for your next camping, hunting, or fishing excursion. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Choose wisely, and if in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to bring along a slightly warmer or slightly cooler set of clothes.

Lifestyle Camo | Female Hunters Stand Together With Pink Camo

Not Just Your Typical Outdoor Clothing | Camouflage that Inspires Relationships

Our nature as hunters and as human beings is to constantly keep our eyes out for others with similar interests. These relatable characteristics often come with other similar passions and beliefs shared by those who love the outdoors as much as you do, making a relationship, or at least a great conversation, inevitable. Have you ever had a conversation with someone you didn’t even know because you overheard them talking about the outdoors, or more likely, they were wearing Camo or another piece of outdoor clothing that made their passion for the outdoors obvious? It happens to us all the time! Hunter camo is for hunting, lifestyle camo is for expressing your love for the outdoors, and pink camo is for connecting and empowering sisters with a passion for the outdoors. That’s why we created Muddy Girl Camouflage.

Muddy Girl Camo

Most people you ask about Camo will tell you that it is intended for wearing in the woods, and, traditionally, they are right! Camo was in fact created for the purpose of concealing a hunter’s movement from the game he or she was hunting. Outdoor clothing technology has improved dramatically since that time and most rapidly in the past ten years as more money is spent on outdoor clothing than ever before. Quiet zippers, scent proof technology, UV elimination, and so much more goes into making a hunting garment to a help a hunter enter the field undetected, but what about lifestyle camo?

At some point, outdoor clothing made the transition to everyday clothing, and a new breed of apparel was born, casual outdoor clothing. Moon Shine Camo is a brand of casual wear clothing for the outdoor enthusiast. Our camo shirts, camo hoodies, camo hats and accessories offer a unique blend of camouflage and attitude. Our camouflage patterns are designed to stand out as a lifestyle camo pattern. Our pink camo pattern, Muddy Girl Camouflage, has become one of the hottest patterns on the market and is bringing huntresses and country girls across the nation together!

Muddy Girl Tank Top

In the same way technology has grown and developed to make us more effective in the woods, we have put equally as much effort into making Moon Shine Camo outdoor clothing the most comfortable and best looking lifestyle camo on the market. Our Muddy Girl Camouflage has really taken off in recent years as more women than ever before are being exposed to the passion for the outdoors. We have taken it upon ourselves to supply these women with the outdoor clothing they deserve. Sharp and appealing, but not too flashy, is exactly what this camo pattern accomplishes.

If you want to connect with others with a passion for the outdoors, you need to show your true colors with a lifestyle camo that represents who you are and what you stand for. Ladies, the Muddy Girl Camo is beautiful and is one of the fastest growing women’s brands in the industry. If pink camo isn’t for you, check out any of our other patterns and outdoor clothing. No matter how you do it, own your love of the outdoors and take the time to form relationships with other outdoor enthusiasts everywhere you go. You never know what those relationships might turn into!

Women in the Outdoors | Camo Clothing for Women

Camo for Women | Women’s Outdoor, Hunting, and Muddin Clothing

Women everywhere are showing their pride in the outdoors. History has shown that the number of women involved in hunting today has skyrocketed! Now a days there are more women climbing into tree stands, yelping in the turkey woods, and wading to the duck blinds than ever before, but it’s not just hunting! The outdoors in general has received an influx of female enthusiasts! Everything from fishing to mudding, hiking to climbing, women are invading the outdoors. Men move aside, it’s time to make room for the Women!

The outdoors today has a need to bend towards the female hunter, in all respects… from TV shows, outdoor accessories, and gear…to full product lines and clothing. Yes, Clothing! You walk into any outdoor store today and women have a hunting clothing section, but take a closer look. It’s the same Camo put on smaller sizes or a more slim fit. No More! All in the past have missed the mark. Women need hunting clothing for this rugged sport that can fit the bill in the field, but still allow for feminine expressions. This calls not for the same camo, but camo for women! Why Camo? It doesn’t have the feel of women hunting apparel if it’s the same camo. Everything needs to be changed because women need to accessorize! With a clothing and a camo line for women, you now have a pattern that can be put on anything and everything. This means not only shirts and pants, but also guns and bows! A camo pattern that is usable in the field or anywhere else because it shows pride and passion for the outdoors, in a female manner. Today’s women in the outdoors need the Muddy Girl Design.