Things To Think About When Shopping For Summer Clothing

Considerations When Choosing Your Summer Outdoor Clothing


Shorts and a tee, right? Most people think summer outdoor clothing choices are easy to make. It is hot and you are likely doing something active outside so shorts and a t-shirt will suffice. However, dressing for summer is much more complicated than that. There are several considerations to think about when choosing your summer clothing for outdoor activities.


The main point to consider is what activities are you planning to be doing outside, in what sometimes can be extreme heat. This is when your outdoor clothing choices impact you the most. For example, you want to choose lightweight outdoor clothing if you are planning a summer hike or in contrast, if you are heading to the lake for some fishing and swimming you would want to have your camo bikinis and swimwear. Regardless of what you are planning this summer, there are several tips when it comes choosing outdoor apparel for active lifestyles in the summer.


Summer Outdoor Clothing Tips


The two most important factors in summer clothing choices are staying cool and protecting yourself from sun exposure. In almost every summer outdoor activity, these two factors are prevalent and can make or break your experience. As summer approaches in full force across the country, here are a few clothing tips to beat the heat and make the most out of every summer adventure.

Material Matters


Outdoor clothing starts with the material it is made from. Different activities require different kinds of clothing made from different materials. For instance, answering the question “what do you wear to go hiking?” has a much different answer than if instead of hiking it is hanging out with a few buddies around a campfire. Hiking will require more lightweight, breathable clothing while you are usually safe with a camo t-shirt and shorts for sitting around the campfire.


Cotton will hold moisture so activities, where you will be sweating a lot, means cotton clothing will stick to your skin and reduce the cooling benefits of your sweat leading to overheating. Moisture wicking fabrics will keep you dry and allow sweat to work, thus keeping you cooler and reducing the potential for heat-related illnesses. The material in summer outdoor apparel also can come with built-in benefits like sun protection. These fabrics provide an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) that blocks UV rays to protect your skin from the sun but also allows heat to escape to keep you cool.


Color is More Than a Fashion Statement


Adding Lifestyle Camo® to your summer wardrobe does more than just make a fashion statement. Second to only the material of your clothing, the color of outdoor clothing is the next important consideration. Darker colors absorb heat and lighter colors reflect it. All day sun and heat exposure should be matched with light colored clothing to keep you cool and reflect the sun’s heat, whereas darker colored clothing is more appropriate for cloudy summer days or evenings when temperatures fall.


Hats Are Important


Hats are usually thought of as more beneficial when it comes to cold weather outdoor clothing because most heat is lost through your head. However, the same principal holds true in the summer. Heat is being released through your head but when the temperatures are hot and not cold you do not want to trap heat in but rather release it. Hats are beneficial in summer as they are worn to reduce sun exposure around your head and neck and keep the sun out of your eyes. Choose one that is lightweight and breathable so that it does not trap the heat being released from your head.


Generally, the summer clothing tips above are transferable to most outdoor activities. Though, there are some activities that have specific clothing needs beyond these general tips. Let’s specifically discuss two popular summer outdoor activities and the types of outdoor apparel best suited for them.

Summer Hiking Clothing Tips


Hiking, even moderate hiking in the summer, is a strenuous activity that is going to work up a sweat. For that reason, you want hiking clothing that is loose fitting, lightweight, dries quickly and is light in color. These attributes will keep you cool as you perspire and protect you from the elements at the same time. Additionally, here are a few summer hiking clothing recommendations to keep you on the trail.


  • Wear not just any old hat but choose a wide brim hat to help reduce insects from around your head and protect you completely from the sun. One made from mesh or other lightweight fabric works best to keep your head cool.
  • Choose loose fitting and lightweight outdoor clothing to allow proper air circulation and freedom to move on the trail. The lighter the better as it breathes more and dries quickly either from sweat or the unfortunate stream accident or stray thunderstorm.


  • Lightweight boots and quality socks will make all the difference. Sore feet quickly ruin a hike and can be avoided with lightweight boots that breathe and are comfortable. Your boots do not matter if you have a bad pair of socks underneath them. Look for pairs with cooling properties and made with a majority of wool blends which will be durable, and have natural moisture wicking and antibacterial properties.


  • Pack outerwear just in case. Summer heat can pop up thunderstorms fast in the wilds and being wet, or soaked, could chill you fast especially near nightfall. Having a packable rain jacket as a standard part of your hiking equipment is a necessity no matter how hot or how confident you are you will not need it.



Fishing Clothing Tips for Summer


Not much is better than being on a lake or stream in the summer fishing. For summertime fishing, you should be wearing clothing that is comfortable and protects you from the sun. Unlike hiking, fishing is less strenuous and sun exposure rather than overheating usually becomes your biggest challenge.


  • Layer up with your summer clothing for fishing. Start with a light t-shirt then add a long sleeve UPF rated shirt to block the sun yet keep you cool. For pants, shorts work fine but pants work better. Again you want as little skin exposed to the sun as possible.


  • Stay concealed with good fishing camo patterns. Especially in shallow water when fishing or bowfishing, you want to blend in so fish do not see you. Forego the bright yellows and oranges but instead choose dull grays and blues and specifically designed fishing camo clothing.


  • Complete sun protection means gloves and a facemask. Anglers in the summer are typically already wearing a hat but few are wearing gloves and a facemask. These summer outdoor apparel accessories protect against reflective sunlight rays coming off the water.


To summarize, summer outdoor clothing is clearly much more than shorts and a t-shirt. Having the right summer clothing to go with the activity will ultimately make it more enjoyable and safer in the hot summer sun.

Water Camo | Fishing, Bowfishing, and Froggin’ Lifestyle Camo

Water Camo for your Fishing, Bowfishing, and Froggin’ Lifestyle

Summertime is fast approaching and that means one thing for serious outdoorsmen and women…it’s time to dust off those rods and bowfishing bows that have been tucked away throughout the winter and head to the water.  Fishing, bowfishing, and frogging in the summertime offers outdoor enthusiasts a perfect opportunity to get on the water and go after their favorite fish species, or hone their stealth abilities sneaking up on an unsuspecting bull frog.  Even better, it’s a perfect time to upgrade your equipment with a fishing camo and water camo pattern that shows your diehard passion for the outdoors.

Unlike traditional hunting where blending in is key, these aquatic outdoor pastimes allow an opportunity to express yourself with color beyond the standard brown, green, and tans of regular camo.  The bright marine blue Undertow™ water camo and the new Muddy Girl® Serenity Camo with turquoise and copper tones are excellent fishing camo patterns and water camo patterns to make a statement and be noticed.

undertow lifestyle camo pattern moon shine camo

About Moon Shine Camo Serenity Pattern







Whether you’re a laid back angler, fast paced bowfisher, frog grabber, or all three, there is a Moon Shine Camo® pattern to take your fishing camo clothing and equipment to the next level.


A love for fishing is almost universal.  The great thing about fishing is that almost anywhere in the country you are not far from a water source where you can drop a line, relax, and wait for dinner to bite.  Waiting for walleyes under frozen lakes in the north, to chasing drum in the southern marsh, there is never a shortage of opportunity to take advantage of the fishing across every state.

While most anglers prefer heading out to water by boat, the great thing about fishing is that as long as you have water, a pole, and some bait, you’re in business.  Another appealing plus many enjoy about fishing is that unlike most hunting, noise is not typically a factor in a successful day outdoors.  The social aspect of spending time with friends or family enjoying some good music and wetting a line is what makes fishing so perfect for summer time.


When out on the water it can get hot sitting under the sun all day.  When the biting is good you don’t want to have to call it quits because you can’t take the heat, but you also don’t want to be left with a nasty sunburn.  Preparing for this ahead of time can save you a major headache later on when you’ve made it out to your favorite fishing spot.  Sunblock, camo sunglasses, and a cooler wrapped in your favorite fishing camo filled with cold water and other beverages are essentials you’ll want to bring along.   You can also show off your favorite fishing camo and beat the heat by wearing your Undertow™ Camo long sleeve over Undertow™ Camo or Muddy Girl® Serenity camo swimwear.


Bowfishing is a rapidly expanding summertime activity enjoyed by hunters and fishermen and women alike.  No matter if you’re a waterfowl hunter, rifleman, bowhunter, or angler, bowfishing is an adrenaline inducing way to spend your day (or night) on the water. Combining rapid paced shots and the wide availability of species to shoot, bowfishing is growing immensely popular with hard core bowhunters as well as water lovers of all shooting levels.  For most bowfishers there are two bow options- you can rig up a regular hunting compound bow with a reel setup and call it a day, or purchase a bow designed exclusively for bowfishing use.

But do you have to be a true bowhunter to bowfish?  The answer is no, it isn’t vital to have a decked out airboat with wrap around LED lights to enjoy the sport.  All you really need to get started is the right bow and reel set up and a fishing license in most states.

Speaking of fishing license, it is important to know what species of fish are legally permissible to take while bowfishing.  For example, shooting redfish with a bow is legal in Louisiana but illegal in all other states.  One great fish to start with is also the most popular target for bowfishers – the carp.  This invasive fish can be found all over the country in ponds, lakes, and rivers.   While most people consider the carp to be a “trash fish”, some cultures consider the carp a delicacy.

It’s also important to consider dressing light and comfortable since bowfishing is not a passive sport, you will most likely be moving and shooting for hours at a time. The goal is to beat the heat, but also look good in your bowfishing camo which is where Undertow Camo athletic attire comes into play.  If day time bowfishing is more your style, you can be lethal with a bow and be ready to get wet with Undertow Camo® swimwear for men and camo bikinis for women.

The great thing about bowfishing is you shouldn’t expect to get bored shooting the same thing summer after summer since there are numerous opportunities to take aim at more common species such as carp and gar, but you can also go after the more elusive game species like stingrays, redfish, and sharks.

Another way to keep things interesting is to customize your equipment with bowfishing camo that shows you mean business and want to stand apart from basic camo patterns that are offered over and over again.  Moon Shine Camo is the answer for those serious about the bowfishing lifestyle and want a unique aquatic look to show off.   Whether you want to stand out at a tournament in your bowfishing camo wrapped boat or want to make sure your bowfishing bow is easily recognizable, hydrographic customization is your solution!  Adding bowfishing camo patterns like Undertow™ water camo and Muddy Girl® Serenity Camo will take your bowfishing gear to new levels.


Frogging (frog gigging, frog grabbing, frog hunting, or froggin’ if you’re from the south) is one of those special pursuits enjoyed best on a warm summer night on the water.  The art (using that word loosely) of taking the American bullfrog can vary from the use of a pronged frog gig, a long net, or just grabbing them by hand.  The only thing you really need is a good light source such as a q-beam or head lamp.


To catch a bullfrog, you will want to shine your light in the frog’s eyes so it won’t see you closing in.  Be careful not to move the light and keep it steady or he may get jumpy and take off.  Once you catch your frog you’ll want to place him in a basket or ice chest until you’re ready to clean them to eat.  Bullfrog legs make a fine meal when fried, but there are numerous ways to prepare them.

The popularity of frogging is in many ways due to the abundance of bullfrogs that can populate a river or pond bank, and it’s another excellent summertime activity where outdoorsmen and women can get together and jump in their boat for a night of fun.  It is also a great way to get the younger generation or people new to hunting and fishing into an outdoor lifestyle.

Because frogging is done on the water in swampy or marshy areas in the heat of the night you will want to wear clothing you don’t mind getting wet and possibly slimy.  Not only do you want to be prepared to get wet, you need to have a level of stealth and steadiness when sneaking up on the bull frogs.  What better way to feel prepared than sporting your favorite fishing camo pattern in Undertow Camo® or Muddy Girl Serenity Camo on your covert frogging mission.  With camo swimwear available in these fishing camo patterns you can go from bowfishing during the day to frogging at night with no change in between.

Summer Splashes and Night-time Catches

No matter if you’re a fishing addict ready to see that fish splash like crazy when it hits your bait or wanting to try your hand at frogging for the first time, the summer means longer days and plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy your outdoor lifestyle.

Everything including your fishing rod, boat, ice chest, and truck can be wrapped or dipped with these camo patterns by Moon Shine Camo.  Never mix up your bowfishing bow with your buddies again, or even surprise a special someone by customizing their outdoor equipment with a camo pattern that shows their outdoor lifestyle off.

From camo bikinis to camo boat wraps in Undertow Camo, looking good on the water will be a breeze this summer.


Add a Splash of Moon Shine Camo® to your Spring and Summer

Spring and Summer Camo Clothing |Adding a Splash of Moon Shine Camo®


Spring is within view on the calendar, pollen is in the air, and warmer weather is soon to be upon us. Many people will be spending more time in the outdoors, on the lake and some at the beach, while others will be hitting the gym and trails. Warmer weather also brings family and friends together for outdoor activities, cookouts, traveling, or a fun night on the town. Now is not only the time to be thinking about summer activities, planning spring break and summer travel, it is also the perfect time to be thinking about your summer wardrobe.


Camouflage is a popular trend in casual clothing and accessories seen even in the pages of some of the most popular fashion magazines. Moon Shine Camo® brings a uniqueness to camouflage clothing with a signature look and casual designs. Moon Shine Camo® continues to grow in popularity with a variety of color patterns sure to match anyone’s individuality. Moon Shine Camo® currently offers swimwear, shorts, pants, a variety of shirts, hoodies, and soft shell jackets in several styles in a variety of signature licensed camouflage designs of Harvest Moon®, Muddy Girl®, Outshine®, Toxic®, Undertow®, Wildfire®; and the newest release, Muddy Girl Serenity®.


Camo Swimwear


Since the release of men and women’s camo swimwear in 2014, several popular casual clothing styles have been added to the line-up of warm weather wear. The Moon Shine Camo® casual wear, workout clothing, and camo swimwear are all available in coordinating mix and match pieces in several popular spring/summer patterns. The products are available in men’s sizes small to XXX-large and women’s sizes from extra small to XXX-large, and the ladies camo swimwear is available from small to XX-large.



The popular camo swimwear designs are available for men and women in several styles and colors. The men’s classic fit, fully-lined board shorts features a drawstring waist, front fly closure, drawstring waist, two side slit pockets, a 22” leg length, and a flap pocket on one leg for stowing small items. The color block style pattern with contrasting accents allows the board shorts to be coordinated with any style Moon Shine Camo® shirt. The durable 100% polyester material allows the perfect balance of features and wearability, yet dries quickly. The men’s board shorts are available in Harvest Moon Camo®, Outshine Camo®, Toxic Camo®, Wildfire Camo®, and Undertow Camo®.


For casual wear, the board shorts can be paired with the coordinating ultra soft short sleeve shirt, the raglan shirt, or the Enviroflex shirt making for the perfect leisure wear for warm weather; regardless if you plan to wear them at the beach, lake, or pool, or just for hanging out in your favorite places. For cooler evenings, pair the ensemble with one of the popular Moon Shine Camo® hoodies.



The women’s camo swimwear is available in several different popular mixes and match styles; the bikini, tankini, sports style halter top, boy shorts, and one-piece suits. The bikini style is versatile with pieces that are interchangeable, offering tops in string style, bandeau style, sports style, two tankini styles, and halter style. The various style tops coordinate well with the various style bottoms offered in the bikini style; the tie-side bikini style, low-rise sports style, mid-rise sports style, full coverage style, or boy shorts. The interchangeable pieces are sold individually for versatility and for a customized fit camo swimwear selection.


Camo Workout Clothing


For workout wear, Moon Shine Camo® offers several style athletic shorts, yoga pants/capris, and sweatpants for women. When paired with one of the popular Moon Shine Camo® sports tops, tank tops, or short sleeve tops, it makes for the perfect workout clothing at the gym, on the run, on the hiking trails, or a day shopping. For cooler days and evenings, top your casual wear outfit off with one of the camo accented soft shell jackets, track hoodies, or athletic hoodies. The combinations are endless with coordinating clothing pieces embellished with camo accents, panels, and color splashed logos.


Summer Clothing and Accessories


The products offered in the Moon Shine Camo® clothing line makes for the perfect casual and leisure clothing for any occasion, from outerwear, shirts, pants and hoodies to camo swimwear, hats, headband, and accessories. The combinations are endless. Even the little people have choices with Moon Shine Camo® shirts and hoodies for youth boys and girls.


You can also top off your summer wear with a headband for the women or coordinating baseball style caps for men. You can even add accessories with Moon Shine Camo® sunglasses, or add a roomy shoulder tote bag for outings, and if you plan on enjoying a cold drink, add one of the coolest koozies out there…but you better keep your eye on it because it is sure to get some attention and may get picked up by someone else.




For those summer sports or team activities, Moon Shine Camo® also offers team wear with the logo wear line to give your team a distinctive look. Full camo or accented camo short sleeve, long sleeve shirts, soft shell jackets and several other styles can be customized to unite your team for any event.


With quality materials and meticulous designs, Moon Shine Camo® is sure to please even the most critical consumer. Moon Shine Camo® stands behind its products with a product return/exchange policy. Moon Shine Camo® also offers gift certificates for any occasion for easy gift giving. With the easy to use Moon Shine Camo® website online catalog, helpful sizing charts, easy to use ordering, you can have your summer wardrobe picked out, ordered and in the mail on the way to you long before the first day of spring.


Moon Shine Camo® coined the slogan, “Liv’n in Lifestyle Camo™,” and it has proven to be more than just a saying–it is a way of life for those that enjoy the passion of the outdoors and those who appreciates the unique flair of camouflage clothing with a splash of color.

Hiking Clothing for Late Winter and Early Spring

Staying Comfortable with Hiking Clothing

March is that special time of year where we can at least start to think about spring’s arrival. It would normally be dangerous to do so any sooner than now, but this strange winter of warmer-than-average temperature swings has got many people thinking about spring full blast right now. If you’ve been thinking about getting out to enjoy some spring-like weather yourself, you’re going to need the right spring hiking clothing first.


Recreational Opportunities This Spring

Depending on where you live, there are loads of great outdoor activities you can do this time of year. If there is enough ice left, there’s some fantastic ice fishing to be had in March, primarily because the weather is much nicer and the fish can be very aggressive. If you have access to a few maple trees in your yard or on some family hunting land, you could tap them to make your own maple syrup out of the sap. You could also scout some potential ambush spots for turkey hunting later in April. Of course, you could always get out for some more shed hunting opportunities while the antlers last. But one of the few outdoor activities that unite all of these is hiking.



Hiking might seem like it is just glorified walking, but that’s only partially true. There are actually lots of benefits that make it a very enjoyable way to spend a late winter or early spring day. First, it’s a good form of exercise. Hiking will often take you up and down hillsides, forcing you to bend, stoop, and stretch along the way. You’ll also usually be carrying a backpack, which increases the load you’re carrying. This is a phenomenal workout because it is so practical and translates over into hunting or everyday life so easily. Hiking also generally takes you into some beautiful and scenic areas. But the best part about hiking this time of year is getting out and enjoying the first glimpses of warm weather. You can hear the birds chirping away in delight and feel the warm breeze on your face as the last remnants of snow disappear. After a long winter spent mostly indoors, it’s a welcome change of pace. But you need to have the right hiking clothing to do it well.


Hiking Clothing Tips

In order for you to thoroughly enjoy a day of hiking, you’re going to need to take a few precautions first. The most important part of any outdoor recreation, especially in late winter or early spring, is to utilize performance clothing while you’re active. Performance clothes are designed to help your body regulate its temperature. It does that by wicking moisture (i.e., sweat) away from your skin and to the outside of your garment to evaporate. Why is that important? Think about two people: one falls in a near-frozen lake and struggles back out, while the other doesn’t fall in. Which person’s future looks kind of grim? Obviously the soaking wet person, because moisture steals us of our body heat much faster than if we were dry. While spring weather should generally mean warmer weather, sweat is a killer if it gets cold and should be avoided as much as possible. To help you get started, Moon Shine Camo® has hiking clothing for men, women, and children.


But to get the most out of these performance garments, you need to also use an outdoor clothing layering system. Start by keeping a snug performance base layer next to your skin, which will pull the sweat out and away. This layer should be constructed of fine merino wool or synthetic polyester as they make the best moisture-wicking clothes. Wool also keeps you warm when it gets wet and doesn’t collect odors, which makes it a good choice for cold weather hiking clothing. But if you’re using enough insulating layers (below), you can just as easily use a polyester shirt. The Harvest Moon camouflage® short sleeve shirt is a great option because it is soft, tagless, and constructed of moisture-wicking polyester.




The next hiking clothing layers should include insulation to keep you warm, whether in the form of wool, fleece, or synthetic polyester. But you should focus on having multiple light layers versus one lofty puffy garment. That way, you can adjust your hiking clothing as you warm up or cool down. Hiking is full of bursts of energy while on the trail followed by rests at scenic viewpoints. If you can’t add or remove your clothing layers, you will get too hot and sweaty to be comfortable the rest of your hike. Moon Shine Camo® has several polyester options that work great for insulating layers. Using a combination of the Harvest Moon lifestyle camo® performance hoodie and Protek vest, you can adjust your body temperature easily while on the trail.



Finally, you’ll need a hiking shell layer to keep the wind and rain away. You never know what conditions you’ll face out there on the trail (e.g., rain, snow, wind, etc.), so it’s best to be prepared. Carrying a light wind breaker or rain jacket is a good option because they don’t take up much space or weigh much, but they can quickly be added if the conditions deteriorate. As long as you stay dry with your performance clothes and have enough insulation layers, the shell layer will protect you from the weather.


While they don’t quite fit in the hiking clothing category, you’ll also obviously need a good pair of hiking boots if you’re going to have any fun while hiking. If your boots are too small, they will constrict your feet. If they’re too big, you’ll get blisters from all the rubbing and shifting. If they’re too heavy, your legs will get tired much faster. After finding a pair of boots that work for you, take time to break them in a little bit on shorter walks before you go on any huge treks or tackle elevation changes. This will also prevent blisters and help you pinpoint any trouble spots before they’re really put to the test.

Spring Hiking Tips

If you haven’t hiked much in the past, don’t try to become an expert in one day. After a winter spent indoors, we all have to build our hiking stamina back up a bit each spring. It takes time for our bodies to get back in the groove and build up the strength and endurance you need for hiking. So for the first few trips, take it easy. Plan on doing some training hikes through a local park that’s only slightly challenging for you, and then build up from there. As your hikes increase in length and difficulty, you might want to start bringing a backpack with. Not only can you pack snacks, water, hiking gear, and various layers of hiking clothing in it, but it also challenges you to build your physical strength too. Make sure to let family or friends know where you’re going, especially if it’s a really long or strenuous hike.




If you’ve been looking for a fun activity to keep you outdoors these last days of winter, look no further than hiking. It’s a great activity for the whole family to get involved as long as you have the right outdoor clothing. Plus, it has the side benefit of helping you train for other outdoor activities throughout the rest of the year.


Fishing Camo Patterns for All Your Fishing Gear

Fishing Camo Patterns for Those Who Stand Out


Just so we’re all clear from the start, this isn’t an article solely about specific fishing camo patterns that will actually hide you from the keen eyes of trout or other game fish. We’ll touch on that subject briefly, but we’re mostly talking about lifestyle camo patterns that will accentuate your fishing obsession in a bold way. When someone looks at you and your fishing gear, they won’t have any doubts about your priorities and hobbies. Whether you’re looking for fishing camo patterns for your fishing clothing, ATV, boat, or truck, there’s a perfect one for you.


Fishing Camo Patterns

As we mentioned, this article won’t dive into much detail about actual concealment camouflage. But if you’re looking for good options to stalk streambanks for wary trout, for example, Outshine™ and Harvest Moon™ are both superb. They offer natural, muted colors with a woven branch network to break up your outline as you hunch down against the bank. There aren’t any overly bright colors to stand out against your waders or the environment around you. You should use the Harvest Moon™ pattern in low-light conditions (e.g., dawn and dusk, cloudy days, etc.) and Outshine™ on brighter, sunny days. Basically, these two camouflage patterns have the benefits of traditional camouflage, while still being somewhat edgy and different from green leaves on a brown background.


But if you’re looking for a fishing camo pattern that really stands out, the natural choice for fishing apparel is obviously Undertow™ camo by Moon Shine Camo®. It actually looks like an underwater scene, minus the fish themselves of course. The bold tree limbs against the backdrop of blue are visually stunning and leaves no question that you’re there to fish and take names. But as we mentioned, it’s not one that will blend into the surroundings on a cloudy or sunny day alike. You and anything sporting it will definitely stand out.



Preparing for Fishing Season

Depending on where you live, you could definitely still be going ice fishing this time of year. Even though it’s been a warm winter, there are still lots of opportunities for most people. If that’s the case, your fishing equipment is probably already in use and you’re already rocking the Moon Shine Camo® gear.


But if you’re starting to anxiously eye the calendar and look forward to spring activities and open water fishing seasons, you probably have some work to do to prepare first. Inevitably, we always leave our fishing equipment in worse shape than we intend to, and it no doubt has been shuffled around during the winter months. This somewhat organized chaos can be a recipe for hectic conditions come opening day of fishing season. Don’t wait until the week before the opener to prepare your equipment. Here’s the process you can follow to get your fishing gear cleaned, organized, and camouflaged and ready for a trip to the lake or river.



Clean and Organize Your Gear

The first step is always the hardest and least thrilling, but it’s important. Gather up all your handheld fishing gear and clothing and place it in a central spot, such as the garage or your living room, so you can get a good look at it all. Open up each box or compartment and lay everything out. If you have access to your boat, this is also a good time to inspect it.


Clean everything that needs it, throw unnecessary stuff away and add new items as applicable. As a few examples, your fishing reels might need cleaning and re-spooling, the tackle boxes are probably in disarray and missing critical lures, and the boat should be swept out and wiped down. If you notice you’re running low on a certain item (your favorite jig, perhaps), this would be a good time to run to the store and buy a few more.


While it might still be too early to wash your fishing clothing for the opener, it’s good to take stock of what you have and what seems to be missing. Early season conditions can still be chilly, so make sure you have ample fishing hoodies and jackets to keep you warm. By the same token, do you have a few lighter, performance shirts to keep you cool once the season takes off? Correcting these issues now will save time later.


Time for Camouflage

Once you have a solid grip on what you have and feel good about the condition it’s in, it’s time to consider fishing camouflage. Again, having true camouflage fishing clothing will probably help you for trout fishing or fishing from shore, but it’s largely unnecessary while you’re out on a boat or on a dock. The chances are pretty good that the fish will realize there is something unnatural already there when you’re trolling or bow fishing, so what’s a leafy camo fishing shirt going to do?


Instead, the fishing camo patterns you use on a boat should be something that reflects your personality and stands out. Whether you want different looking fishing shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, towels, or more, there is something with your favorite camo pattern on it. Moon Shine Camo® dipping is a great way to cover any of your gear in your favorite fishing camo patterns. Simply search for a hydrographic dealer near you to help you through the process. You’d be surprised at all the things you can have dipped, which creates a really custom-made look to any ordinary piece of gear.


There are also dozens of different kits you can use to easily wrap your boat, boat motor, four-wheeler, truck, and more in the pattern you choose. These simple accents make a big difference to the final look of your equipment. You can even get Undertow™ camo seat covers for your truck to complete the stylish design.



This year, take the time to organize your fishing gear so you know what you have and what you need before you actually need it. While you’re at it, make your old equipment feel brand new by wrapping it in your favorite Moon Shine Camo® fishing camo patterns. This simple adjustment can breathe new life into old gear and extend its lifetime significantly. All it takes is a little effort right now.


New Camo Pattern!


Looking for a lighter pattern? A touch of Muddy Girl® Serenity ™ on your fishing gear. Muddy Girl® Serenity™ is the newest women’s lifestyle camo pattern, featuring copper veins to match turquoise stones and the look of the clearest waters, Muddy Girl® Serenity™ will fit into any lifestyle expressing a love for the outdoors.


Ice Fishing Clothing for the Family | Dress for Success

Your Ice Fishing Clothing Game Plan

Like almost any outdoor activity, ice fishing is best enjoyed (or maybe only enjoyed) when you take time to prepare for it. While you might be able to improvise in the warmer months, being unprepared in winter is a recipe for a really unenjoyable time afield. Cold temperatures, icy winds, and bad clothing don’t mix well. This is compounded even more when your whole family is with you to experience the displeasure. This season, get everyone on the same page and upgrade your ice fishing clothing using the ice fishing tips and clothing system below. You and the family will have much more fun, even if you don’t catch as many fish as you’d like to.


What Makes Good Ice Fishing Clothing?


The days of dressing in cotton long underwear and sweatshirts is mostly gone, but we suspect it’s lingering among a few die-hard anglers out there. The problem with cotton is that it doesn’t wick moisture at all, which is a real issue. Inevitably, we’re going to sweat when we’re ice fishing; usually it happens while we’re being mobile (e.g., dragging a fishing shelter, drilling holes for the family, etc.). When we’re done with the physical activity and sit down to watch our bobbers, the sweat just sits there against our skin and cools off. This slowly robs us of our own body temperature and starts a chilling cycle nobody likes to experience when they’re out on the lake. In no time, we’re ready to pack up again, and it’s not even 9 AM.


Performance clothing, on the other hand, is made of synthetic materials like polyester (or blends with cotton) that wick moisture through the fabric. When we sweat, it is basically transferred through our outdoor clothing to the outside of the garment to evaporate away. This keeps our skin drier and allows us to stay comfortable longer. In other words, you should be able to spend more quality time with your family fishing on the ice. The only time pure cotton could be acceptable is if you wouldn’t be doing much physical work; in other words, you show up just in time to fish in the preheated shelter. Everyone’s got a buddy or family member like that anyway, right?


How to Dress for Ice Fishing


With that introduction done, let’s dive into the specific details of your ice fishing clothing system. Layering clothes for cold weather is the best way to regulate your body temperature. Each cold weather clothing layer is very important, but the system itself is pretty customizable for your preferences.


Ryan Lisson


Start with a performance base layer (i.e., long underwear top and bottom, underwear, socks) next to your skin. This material should always be a moisture-wicking powerhouse since it’s in direct contact with your sweaty skin. That’s exactly its purpose, so make sure that it is snug enough to be in constant contact. If it’s too loose, it won’t touch it enough to effectively wick the sweat out and away. Your first pair of socks should also be a liner sock made of polyester or fine wool, which will transmit sweat away from your feet to keep them dry. Cold feet will send you packing pretty fast.


The next winter fishing clothing layer is the one that you adjust most based on the conditions and your activity levels. This insulating layer (or more accurately, layers) should also pull sweat away from your body, but they should primarily hold your body heat. To combine these qualities and get the best of both, a blend of polyester and cotton or polyester and wool works well for ice fishing clothing. The idea is that you can add or remove one of these layers as you cool down or heat up, respectively. The first insulation layers should be slightly snugger to pull sweat out and away, but they can get larger as they move away from your body. Oddly enough, having fewer layers with some dead air space actually helps hold heat longer than multiple tight layers. Typical insulation layers might include wool socks, fleeces, sweatshirts, or vests. This is where the Moon Shine Camo® ice fishing clothing really excels. For example, pairing a hoodie with a black camo vest provides some great insulation on those chilly winter fishing days. If it warms up or you move into a shelter, you can remove the vest and fish in your sweatshirt alone.


Finally, there’s the outside shell layer that protects everything inside. As far as ice fishing apparel goes, this can be a deal breaker for people. Having lots of insulation is great, but it won’t count for much if the wind cuts through it to steal your body heat and the snow melts on your clothing. The outer shell keeps your heat in and the cold wind out. Find a durable winter jacket and bibs that are water- and wind-resistant, and pick up some high-quality boots with 800 to 1,000 grams insulation. You’ll often find yourself kneeling on the ice and your boots will get slushy water on them after drilling holes, so having waterproof ice fishing gear is a must. That being said, you also need the material to be breathable. If not, all that moisture wicked from your body will stop at the barrier of your shell layer instead of venting out to the world.


Then there are the other critical ice fishing accessories, namely being hats and gloves. Depending on how cold it is and whether or not you’re ice fishing in a shelter, you may or may not need a few pair of either. For example, some anglers like to wear a performance beanie underneath a warmer,

insulating hat. This is good for sitting outside using tip-ups, but it is overkill when you’re in a warm shelter. Ice fishing gloves are a different story. Since gloves can make reeling a cumbersome process, it’s best to wear a very warm chopper-style mitten that you can easily slide on and off. That way, you can quickly remove them to catch a fish and put them back on when you’re done baiting the next hook. Keep a spare hand towel hooked to your waist so you can rinse your hands in the water and dry them off before putting your mittens back on. If it’s really cold, you could put a hand warmer into the mitten.


Do You Have the Right Ice Fishing Clothing?


Well, does the system above make sense? While there are lots of youth clothing options to dress your kids according to the layers above, sometimes it might make more sense to bring a shelter and heater to have a mobile base camp. That way when your kids ultimately get too sweaty from running around (which they will), they can dry off and stay warm inside. It will also keep you fishing longer…just saying.


Looking for an Ice Fishing Camo Pattern?


If you are a fishing enthusiast, chances are you are interested in finding a fishing camo pattern. Undertow™ by Moon Shine Camo® is a fishing camo pattern that emerges your clothing, fishing gear, or even your boat in an underwater and tangled brush world! Check it out below!

undertow lifestyle camo Moon Shine Camo


Camo Workout Clothes | Start New Year’s Resolutions Off Right!

Camo Workout Clothes For Women | New Year’s Resolution Gear

It is here. The time you were either dreading or eager to kick start! That ball dropping signals 2017, but it also signals the start of your New Year’s resolution. Run every day, lose _ pounds, fit into your camo swimwear by summer…whatever the case the time is here and you need the gear to achieve your goals! Check out both the New Year’s resolution tips and camo workout clothes in this blog. They could help you accomplish that resolution!

New Year’s Resolution Tips

One thing about New Year’s resolutions is they often do not last long! Anybody could bring up a past resolution that …let’s be honest, epically failed. There is no shame in admitting it. Here are some tips on how you can make your new year’s resolution stick!

  • Set Achievable Goals

    – First off, no one can achieve the unachievable. Too many goals, or too high of expectations can lead to failure…quick failure at that. Set goals that are easy, and that you can build off.

  • Start Off Small

    – Set a small goal for the end of January, the next for February and so on. This way you are achieving small amounts of success over and over again, giving you the motivation and momentum to push on!

  • Support Your Body

    – Don’t be too hard on yourself! Both sleep and diet have drastic effects on your mood, health, and your New Year’s resolution progress. Eating healthy balanced diets, and ensuring you are getting sleep keeps you in check. Slipping in either category is a recipe for a disaster.

  • Stay Positive

    – If you miss a day, a week or even a month stay positive and start over. New Year’s resolutions are not constricted to the month of January, you can start anytime! In addition, if you are not seeing the results you expected don’t get discouraged. Try harder, try something new, and readjust.

Tools for the Job: Workout Clothes

You would be astonished to learn New Year’s resolutions can often fall short due to a lack of wardrobe. Whether it’s running through the neighborhood, working out in the local gym, or even working out in the basement, a lack of workout clothes could spell disaster for your resolution. Why you might think it’s a stretch, not enough, dirty, or restrictive clothing does not work on an extended workout routine! The right clothing and the right amount of that clothing support your resolution just as much as any one of the tips above.



Camo Workout Clothes for Women

Moon Shine Camo® has several camo workout clothing options. Camo workout clothes should be comfortable, flexible, and while at the same time compliment you and your personality. Check out these camo workout clothes for women below!



  • If you are looking for pink camo workout clothing for women, Muddy Girl® Camo workout clothes are the perfect fit for you.

Black Athletic Tank Top With Camo Accents | Muddy Girl®

Muddy Girl® | Full Sports Bra

Muddy Girl® | Gray Athletic Shorts

Muddy Girl® | Black Track Jacket

Muddy Girl® | Women’s Pink Camo Yoga Capri Pants

Muddy Girl® | Headband with Pink Twist


  • If you are looking for blue camo workout clothing for women, Undertow® Camo workout clothes are the perfect fit for you.

Undertow® | Black Athletic Tank Top

Undertow® | Sports Bra

Undertow® | Gray Athletic Shorts

Undertow® | Gray Burn Out Tank Top

Undertow® | Headband Black Twist

Whether it is running every day, losing _ pounds, fitting into your swimwear by summer…whatever the case the time is here and you need the gear to achieve your goals! Both these New Year’s resolution tips and camo workout clothes could help you accomplish that resolution!

Cold Weather Outdoor Clothing Tips

Dressing for Winter with the Right Outdoor Clothing


Winter is settling in across much of the country. Outdoor activities are changing with the changing season. Hunting is in full swing, ice anglers are preparing their gear and the snow enthusiasts are at the ready as the temperature drops. Winter is a great time to be active, but it can also be hazardous if you and your outdoor clothing are not prepared for the cold weather.


Keeping warm but functional in winter starts with understanding how heat is lost and how different types of activities require different cold weather outdoor clothing considerations.


Cold Weather Heat Loss


Cold weather can suck the heat right out of your body in four ways:


  1. Radiative heat loss

    is when body heat escapes from lack of proper outdoor clothing.


  1. Convective heat transfer

    happens when cold winds move heat from your body, typically from exposed skin areas.


  1. Conductive heat transfer

    occurs when there is direct contact with the cold such as lying in the snow, sitting on a cold tree stand platform or exposure to icy water.


  1. Evaporative cooling

    takes place from sweating in cold weather, which steals warmer body heat with it.


Types of Cold Weather Activities


Exposure and moisture are your two biggest enemies with cold weather activities. Both of which can lead to hypothermia, frostbite and discomfort while outdoors. Choosing cold weather outdoor clothing to wear to hedge against exposure and moisture is related to the type of activity you will be doing.


Sedentary Outdoor Clothing


Sedentary activities are ones that require little to no movement while participating. Winter outdoor activity such as ice fishing, stand hunting and snowmobiling require cold weather outdoor clothing that has thick insulating layers. Clothing designed for sedentary activities is usually bulky, thick and combines both inner insulating layers with an outer protective layer to protect against the wind and other winter elements. Their design reduces both radiative and convective heat loss in the most extreme temperatures.


Active Outdoor Clothing


Active activities in the winter require different clothing versus sedentary activities. These include hiking, cross-country skiing and upland bird hunting. All of which involve very little motionless time. To be active, cold weather outdoor clothing has to be lightweight and breathable. Active outdoor clothing is much less about insulation than it is about reducing sweating and evaporative cooling through breathable and moisture-wicking clothing.


Mixed Activity Outdoor Clothing


Often winter activities combine both active and sedentary actions. Downhill skiing is a good example where you are actively skiing down the hill but sedentary as you sit on the lift back up the mountain. Hunting can also be a mixed winter activity. You may be active in walking to your stand but then sit for several hours waiting on game. Winter clothing for a mixed type of activity requires layering clothes for cold weather. Functional Lifestyle Camo™ outerwear allows you to add or subtract layers as you change from active and sedentary actions. Here are the four basic outdoor clothing layering options:


  • The base layer is the layer worn directly against your skin. A good base layer will be made of moisture-wicking materials to reduce perspiration and prevent evaporative heat loss. If the temperature is more moderate for winter, a less extreme cold weather base layer may be as simple as a lifestyle t-shirt.


  • Mid layer clothing can be made up of several layers depending on the weather and activity you are dressing for. They can range in thickness and design, but their common thread is they are easy to take off and put back on. More active activities will require less focus on mid layer clothing, however, they are a good choice if you are planning a mixed type of winter excursion.


  • The insulating layer is the primary source of warmth. This layer is made from fabrics like wool, down and fleece that are designed to trap heat and reduce radiative heat loss. Sedentary activities require at least one or even sometimes more than one insulation layer to keep heat from escaping while outdoors in sedentary activities.



  • Outdoor clothing shells are the final layer. These clothing layers are designed to block out the elements such as wind, rain and snow while being breathable. All activities in cold weather require a shell layer to protect from the winter weather and fight convective heat loss.



Outdoor Clothing Tips for Fighting the Cold


Staying warm in your clothing when it comes to cold weather comes down to remaining dry. Dry, whether it is from not sweating wearing a good base layer clothing or from having a shell layer to stop the wet snow, is the key. Luckily, there are a few cold weather clothing tips to help you stay warm outdoors this winter.


The first is proper layering. If you layer winter clothing correctly, you will last longer in the cold. Layers also give you the ability to regulate your core temperature more easily by taking or adding layers based on your activity level.


The second outdoor clothing tip is to not sacrifice your outdoor lifestyle in the winter. Clothing has to be warm and functional but there are plenty of ways to combine Lifestyle Camo™ with your winter sports. Pair a tee shirt or camo hoodie as a layer to signify your outdoor lifestyle.


Lastly, do not forget about your extremities. The cold impacts your feet and hands more than any other parts of your body in the winter for two reasons. First, your body conserves heat to your core as a survival mechanism when the chill comes on. This reduces blood to hands and feet thus making them colder. The second is you are typically using your hands if you are outside doing something in the winter. It is hard to bait hooks on a frozen lake with thick gloves on so usually your hands are exposed. For your feet, you want a wicking liner sock paired with a mid- to heavy-weight boot sock. Keep your boots laced loosely so you do not restrict any blood flow to your feet. As for your hands, a thin wool glove will provide warmth but allow flexibility to use them. If you do not need your hands, choose a bulkier, waterproof glove to complete your extreme cold weather clothing system.


In conclusion, understanding how heat can be lost in the winter and knowing what type of activities you are going to find yourself in can help you prepare with the right outdoor clothing for cold weather.

Windbreakers vs. Rain Jackets | Outdoor Clothing Necessities for Fall

Outdoor Clothing Choices for Active Outdoor Lifestyles

A jacket is a jacket, right? Well, not necessarily. Do you want a lightweight jacket to keep the wind off of you while you are active or something more robust to prevent the cold rain from soaking your back while hunting? Depending on what you are doing this fall, you may need one or the other or even both while outdoors. There are differences and trade-offs between wearing a windbreaker versus a rain jacket, like most outdoor clothing. Understanding the two better will ensure you have the right one for all your outdoor activities this fall.


The Difference: Windbreakers vs. Rain Jackets


Fall outdoor clothing needs to be versatile, portable and breathable but also provide protection against the elements. Windbreakers combine all these requirements into one jacket except for the protection against the elements. Granted, windbreakers will keep the wind off of you and even shed some light rain and snow but when it is pouring down raining and cold you want a rain jacket on your back. Rain jackets, or hard shell jackets as they are sometimes called, provide the next level of outdoor clothing protection. This comes at a cost, however, as rain jackets are usually heavier and have less flexibility than windbreakers.


As you can see there are trade-offs between windbreakers and rain jackets when it comes to backcountry gear. To fully grasp what is a windbreaker and the differences between them and a rain jacket, let’s look at each type of jacket.


Wind Breakers


A windbreaker is a lightweight jacket made of breathable and wind resistance fabric such as nylon or polyester that is designed to provide a thin layer of protection while outdoors. Lightweight fall jackets such as these are built using single layer construction, which keeps the price down and increases their portability. Also, windbreakers have more breathability than rain jackets since the single layer construction allows for more air and vapor transfer. Windbreakers are typically not waterproof, although, some can be water-resistant or additional steps can be taken to increase water resistance through waterproofing sprays.


Rain Jackets


Rain jackets are built to protect you from moisture and thus they are built with additional water protection membranes. Multi-layer construction makes rain jackets more resistance to water, and even waterproof, but less breathable, more expensive and bulkier than a windbreaker. Improved technology in more high-end rain jackets, like those specifically designed for hunting and fishing, are waterproof but are also built to be breathable for outdoor lifestyles. Unlike windbreakers, rain jackets are a must outdoor clothing item when you are expecting severe weather while outdoors this fall.


Making the Right Jacket Choice


A rain jacket is a right choice when you are expecting to be outdoors in bad weather. The level of rain jacket you choose should be based on the outdoor activity. More severe weather conditions paired with heavy physical activity, the better quality rain protection and moisture wicking attributes you should look for in a rain jacket.



That leaves windbreakers as the lightweight fall jacket of choice for all the other situations. More than likely you will be wearing this jacket more than a rain jacket so having one as comfortable as your favorite camo hoodie is important. Depending on your outdoor lifestyle, you may want an all camo windbreaker for the field or for hunting camp or possibly one with just the right blend of camo and formality for everyday use. Either way, a windbreaker will sure to be an essential part of your outdoor clothing.


Windbreaker or Rain Jacket by Outdoor Lifestyle


Many outdoor lifestyles are comprised of several outdoor activities. The ones below are some of the more common activities and when your choice of a windbreaker or a rain jacket makes all the difference.




Cool fall breezes can quickly chill your arms and core while running. Although shorts and a tank are more comfortable than a jacket to run in, there are times when you need a little more protection. A windbreaker makes for a lightweight fall jacket that is breathable and will not weight you down while running on cool mornings or cold winter trail excursions.






Lifestyle clothes make up the vast majority of a hiker’s closet. Layering is key to hiking, especially on long or uphill climbs. You want to be able to take off and add layers as your activity level changes. A windbreaker is a nice jacket to have in your backcountry gear. It is lightweight, packable and versatile for many different situations. These characteristics make it a great choice to have with you anytime on the trail.





Backpacking is more than a few mile-long hike. It involves several days of camping and hiking where weather preparation and mobility are important. The more you bring the more you have to pack out. Consequently, you will only want to bring one jacket as part of your outdoor clothing. A rain jacket will guard against getting drenched from an unexpected summer storm and can even mean the difference between hypothermia on a fall backpacking trip.




Hunting in the early part of the season, like archery, or in the southern states lends itself to a windbreaker. It is important to stay concealed with fall outdoor clothing but often the temperatures are high enough that you need something breathable while navigating the woods. Windbreakers can be your outer layer or a cool, lightweight spot and stalk jacket. Pack in a rain jacket if the weather is expected to deteriorate or if you are hunting on a rainy or snowy day. This will keep the rain off your back and provide a layer of warmth on those colder fall hunting days.




Anglers typically choose outdoor clothing that is light and flexible. A windbreaker is a jacket that moves with you and does not restrict movement while on the water casting and reeling in fish. Similar to hunting, consider putting a rain jacket in your boat or fishing vest if the weather is expected to be bad but otherwise, a windbreaker works well on the water in the fall.


Camp Life


Outdoor lifestyle camo™ is functional yet stylish at camp or as casual wear around town. A light windbreaker is the perfect lightweight fall jacket for much of the year. From walking the dog on a chilly morning to warmer winter days hanging around the camp fire, windbreakers provide warmth and protection from the weather.


There is no real mystery that windbreakers are different from rain jackets. Each has its place among our outdoor clothing. Consider your outdoor lifestyle and when to grab the windbreaker over the rain jacket or vice versa this fall.


Camo Hoodies | Outdoor Clothing That is Casual and Bold

Camo Hoodies | Casual and Bold

There is one question that has plagued the outdoor community for many years.  Many hours have been spent debating and pondering this topic.  It has divided families and started rivalry’s, this question has caused feuds and fights that even a talk show host would be appalled.  So, do you want to know what the question is? Well, if you guessed “Is there anything better than a camo hoodie you would be correct!

Yes, that may have seemed like an over the top way to work the topic of camo hoodies into blog article (guilty as charged) however this week marks the first day of fall, and with fall typically comes cooler weather and cooler weather presents a perfect opportunity for you to bust out your favorite camo hoodie.  So to honor of the passing of summer and to welcome in the first day of fall, let’s discuss the topic of camo hoodies and why they rule the world of both hunting clothing and casual clothing.

If you were born sometime prior to 1980, chances are if you look through your yearbook there is a high probability that you will find a picture with someone rocking a particular hairstyle that was just as popular then, as it is today.  Tennessee waterfall, mullet, no matter what you call it, you have probably heard the saying “business in the front, party in the back”!  Here is the point…a mullet whether you like to admit it or not is timeless…according to some.  Well, the same can be said for your favorite camo hoodie.

A good hooded sweatshirt can literally be just as important as your wallet, keys or cell phone.  When the temperatures fall and a chill is in the air, you simply cannot leave home without it.  Camo hoodies are comfortable, they can provide you that extra layer that you need to stay warm without adding the bulk and weight of a heavy coat or jacket, and let’s face it, a camo hoodie can literally go with just about any ensemble.

Here at Moon Shine Camo®, we believe in comfort, dependability, and versatility.  We also believe that living the outdoor lifestyle is something that is a 24/7, 12 months a year effort.  Regardless if you are climbing in a deer stand or heading out for drink and movie, it is our goal to keep you comfortable, looking good and letting the world know who you are!

Oh Yeah, We Have Options

Listen, if there is one thing that we believe in here at Moon Shine Camo®, it is giving the customer what they want.  We take that motto to heart, and it certainly holds true when it comes to our line of camo hoodies.  From work to play, or from hunting the hardwoods to just hanging out around a fire, our line of casual outdoor clothing will provide comfort and a lifestyle statement.

Hunting season is well underway in most of the United States.  From waterfowl to early archery season, from pronghorn antelope to bugling bull elk, it is time to get on the stand and get going.  The hardcore hunters, outdoorsman, or woman requires a lot more from their clothing that your average person.  So, we have done our best to develop a line of outdoor clothing, that includes an extensive line of fleece jackets and camo hoodies.  Our camo hoodies are durable and are featured in several of our most popular camo patterns. Whether you desire pink camo hoodies, blue camo hoodies, or green camo hoodies, we have several options to fit your taste. These camo hoodies are made from 100% polyester fabric and feature ribbed cuffs and hems that are durable and will stretch to fit.  The kangaroo pockets will not only keep you warm but provide a ton of room for extra clothing items and gear.  Bottom line, the feature everything you could want in a camo hoodie and then some!

We understand that whether you are talking about outdoor clothing, or casual clothing, deciding what type of clothing to put on your body is a very personal decision.  With cooler temperatures fast approaching, there is no doubt that sweatshirt weather will soon be here.  Hooded sweatshirts have almost become a staple of the outdoor lifestyle, and if you choose to wear a camo hoodie, well then you are really making a statement!